A person that is thinking about becoming a criminologist in the state of Wyoming will need to consider all the aspects of this decision in order to make sure they are able to enjoy a successful career. There are many different factors that can influence a choice to try a career in criminology in Wyoming, but the first thing that needs to be looked at is the requirements that are needed to be employed in the criminology field in the state.

In most cases, a university education is needed for full criminologist positions, such as a criminal investigator with a local or national law enforcement organization, a higher level job with a corrections facility, or for a juvenile or adult probation monitoring job.

If the person is interested in one of these fields or any of the others that require a university education, there are some institutions of higher learning in the state that may provide the knowledge needed to be successful in one of these career fields.

There are two choices when it comes to learning criminology in the state of Wyoming. The first is to take classes for an associate degree. The advantage to this option is that it will take the least amount of time and be less costly because of the shorter duration of the time enrolled in school.

However, there are also disadvantages to obtaining just an associate degree. The main disadvantage is that the body of knowledge will be less than a student that attends a four year school with a bachelor degree in criminology. The other main disadvantage is that it may still not qualify the person for some criminology positions that they are interested in.

A person that is still interested in following this option can check out Eastern Wyoming College, a university that has two available associate degrees in criminal justice. The Associate of Applied Science degree in criminal justice is specifically designed for students that are in a hurry to enter the workforce.

At the other end of the spectrum, a student that would like to maximize their knowledge and understanding of criminology before taking a criminologist position in the state of Wyoming may want to look at the University of Wyoming which has complete degree programs in several different areas of criminology.

For all of the undergraduate programs, a selection of classes must be taken that deal with crime and deviance, criminal justice institutions, and criminal justice processes. For students that plan on following their undergraduate degree with a masters or doctorate in forensic science can opt to complete their criminology degree from the University of Wyoming with a pre-forensic science concentration.

In addition to the core curriculum that makes up the standard degree program, these students will also need to take anthropology, chemistry, biology, and physics classes. This varied background is intended to give a student the all around level of knowledge that is needed to be successful at the graduate level of studies and in the working environment of forensic science laboratories.

In a similar manner, a person that is planning on going to law school after finishing their criminology degree can take a concentration in pre-law that will focus on the legal aspects of criminology and how theories and methods can be used in the legal setting. For this concentration, additional English, philosophy, and economics classes will need to be taken.

With the major question of schooling out of the way, a person interested in a criminologist career in Wyoming can turn their attention to other concerns. Unfortunately, there is little way to gauge what the prospective earnings of a criminologist in the state will be in terms of an annual salary.

Much of the pay is dependent on the specific job for which the person is hired and there are many factors that influence the pay scale of government agencies and private and corporate entities. Other considerations that will need to be made before jumping into a criminology career in Wyoming are the amount of travel and hours that may be needed for some positions.

Because Wyoming is a largely uninhabited state, a criminologist may be asked to travel great distances to work on projects. In the same vein of thought, extended hours may be a regular part of the job due to the heavy amount of travel. All of these are valid considerations and one that a person should take seriously before trying to gain a job as a criminologist in Wyoming.