If you live in the state of Wisconsin and are interested in having a career as a homeland security professional, you probably have a lot of questions about the field and about what working in it is like.

People are usually very curious about the salaries they will earn, the type of training and/or schooling they will need, and many other aspects of the field. Overwhelmingly, though, the question that people most commonly ask is simply about what the day to day working life is like for a homeland security officer working in the state.

That might seem like an overly simplistic question, but the fact that these professionals work in a wide variety of different ways and, as such, have varied responsibilities makes it rather difficult to answer in a one size fits all kind of way.

The goal of every single homeland security professional is to make our nation a safe place to be, free from illegal immigration and the troubles it causes, from terrorism, from disease, from widespread disaster, and from many other catastrophic problems.

Which things they protect against and the way in which they do it is what will vary from one job to the next. This is why, for prospective homeland security officers, it is so very important to spend some time researching the field and the many different career possibilities within it to find the one that is the best possible fit.

Some homeland security officers, for example, deal in various types of federal crimes. These professionals are more like cops or investigators than what most people think of when they imagine homeland security officers.

They work hard on federal cases to find, evidence that could lead them to a perpetrator and help to put that perpetrator, if found guilty, behind bars.

The job of these homeland security officers is dangerous but thrilling, though it is certainly not the right choice for everyone.

There are even homeland security engineers and designers. Though rare, these professionals combine protection of our nation and engineering in order to create the safest possible structures so that another event like September eleventh will never have to happen again.

They also frequently have a hand in crafting defense weapons and in general planning of ways to make our entire nation better protected and more secure from outside threats.

There are homeland security officers, as well, who work to help people immigrate to the states legally, and some who find and send out illegal citizens. Others work in customs ,keeping diseased or otherwise harmful items from making their way into our country.

These, of course, are just a few examples out of literally hundreds upon hundreds of jobs in the field.

In the end, absolutely no one can tell you what the right career choice for you is. That is up to you, and you alone to decide for yourself. The more you know, however, the more accurate your decision is likely to be.