As a Florida resident interested in pursuing a career as an FBI agent, you likely have a lot of questions about what an FBI agent’s working life is like on a day to day basis. The truth is, however, that there is no one, simple answer to that very complex question.

First of all, because of the sensitive and private nature of the work, not a lot of details about what is done on a daily basis can be provided. Secondly, FBI agents, contrary to popular belief, do not just work in one way or in one position. Instead, they have a wide variety of different working capacities, and their days will vary according to their exact job descriptions.

Generally speaking, however, FBI agents tend to work in one of four different career areas. These include accounting and/or finance, computer and technology related capacities, language, and law and legal practices.

Because of the career options available in the FBI, prospective agents are encouraged to keep these different fields in mind as they plan and pursue their educations and the required three years of work experience. Having knowledge and/or a degree in one of these areas can greatly improve your chances of being accepted to the FBI.

Those who work in accounting and/or finance are often responsible for the budget of the government and for controlling federal monies. They might also work with other agents to investigate large scale cases of fraud, embezzlement, or larceny. Generally, a lot of real world working experience is preferred for such positions.

These individuals also must be discreet, patient, and capable of working alone for long periods of time, and good with numbers and mathematics. This is one of the most in demand areas of service in the FBI, because positions are difficult to fill. There simply are not enough qualified candidates out there.

Those with knowledge in computer science or information technology are also vital to the bureau. These professionals are often put to work on cyber crime cases or may set up important net works and other technological devices for federal use. As with those working in accounting and finance, real work, hands on experience is extremely important, as is a solid educational foundation. This is the most popular area of FBI work, and thus, one of the most competitive. You have to be the best of the best to get one of these positions.

Individuals who have special knowledge and/or training, preferably both, in language and/or linguistics often work in translation and in dealings with those who speak primarily other languages. Individuals with law and legal backgrounds work in investigative capacities and often deal with the most serious and dangerous criminals. These are the agents most people think of, thanks to the movies, when they think of the FBI. No matter which FBI capacity you want to work in, you can start preparing yourself now with the right educational and work training in your area of choice.