Many people have aspirations of becoming an FBI agent in the state of Arizona. Unfortunately, however, everyone is not cut out for work in the FBI. In addition to meeting various educational requirements, there are also certain basic qualifications you must meet before you can even think about pursuing a career in the FBI.

For starters, you need to be at least twenty-three years of age, but also no older than thirty-seven at the time of your application. You will also need to be either a United States citizen or a citizen of the Northern Mariana Islands.

You should also have no felony convictions on your criminal record, and even a misdemeanor can significantly damage your chances of being accepted. Agents also need to have a driver’s license, be willing to relocate as needed, and have at least three years of real world work experience.

Educationally speaking, all prospective agents are required to possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Most people pursue undergraduate majors in areas that the FBI specifically hires its agents.

Common majors include financing and/or accounting, computer science, computer information technology, networking, anything else pertaining to computers, linguistics or foreign language study, law, legal studies, law enforcement, criminology, or some unique mixture of these.

Once agents meet at least these requirements, they are required to go online and fill out an application. Be aware that you need to do anything and everything you can do to make your application shine. It will be competing against the applications of FBI agent hopefuls from around the globe.

You will be notified whether your application is tentatively accepted or not. Even if it is, you are still not on your way to being an agent yet.

You will have to undergo a battery of tests in order to qualify for FBI training. These tests include psychological and personality tests to measure your stability and your anticipated level of success in the FBI, health and vision tests to make sure you are in good enough physical condition to perform necessary duties, possible lie detector testing, drug testing, and more.

If you successfully pass all of the rounds of testing, then you will be admitted to a training facility. Training is military-style and will vary depending upon the type of agent that you intend to be.

Training is often described as long and grueling by current agents who have already been through the process. However, if you can complete it successfully and give it your all, you can enjoy an exciting career as an FBI agent. Lucrative salaries, prestige, the ability to move up on a regular basis, travel, and so much more are the benefits of this career field. It is not, however, for everyone, and the job is not without its challenges. For the right person, however, becoming an FBI agent can be the experience and the opportunity of a lifetime. If you’re committed, then it’s definitely worth a try.