A lot of people in the state of New Jersey and throughout the rest of the nation are curious to know what it is actually like to be and work as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Unfortunately, it is very difficult, for a number of reasons, to give a simple one size fits all answer to that question.

First of all, the work and lives of FBI agents is kept very private and confidential, making it hard to gain accurate information about what, exactly, these professionals do on a daily basis. Furthermore, there are a number of different ways in which FBI agents can choose or be called to work, meaning that the average work day is different for each agent.

With that said, however, there are some basic, general things we can know about FBI agents of different types and about the work that they do. We know, for example, that the FBI employs several people who have educational and/or professional backgrounds in accounting and finance.

These individuals are responsible, in different ways, for handling federal budgets, for tracking down fraud and other serious financial crimes within the bureau, and for overseeing federal spending and budgets.

The FBI also employs those who have backgrounds in computer studies, especially in information technology or general computer science. These individuals work on cracking important cyber crime cases, such as breaking up child pornography rings.

They might also design codes and secure systems for internal uses and tracking. Some just do simple but very confidential networking, setup, and troubleshooting work for the bureau and for its many employees. Some individuals just do the same kind of work they would on the outside, but with an FBI twist, while others put their skills to more intrinsic purposes.

Those who are fluent in foreign languages are also a huge asset to the FBI. These individuals might engage in important translation, both of spoken word and of written documents, and help to work on any cases involving foreigners, with whom communication might otherwise be difficult.

They also might in order to provide better, easier service and to make the situation more manageable for everyone who is involved. Certain languages are highly preferred over others, such as Arabic, Vietnamese, Farsi, Spanish, Pashtu, Russian, Urdu, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and French. These languages are simply ones that tend to come up more and thus to be used more frequently.

Other specialty areas in which agents might serve in the FBI include engineering, law enforcement, crime investigation, foreign lawn, dealings with the United States military, and various scientific and/or research pursuits. So, depending upon what your interest and expertise are in, your job and thus your day working life as an FBI agent could look vastly different.

Few agents, though, will work a traditional nine to five schedule. You should be prepared for crazy hours that change on a whim as is necessary for public safety.