Corrections officers are needed all over the country to help in the field of law enforcement and there are many opportunities available for those who desire to become a corrections officer all around the great nation of the US. In West Virginia the Division of Corrections oversees many of the job opportunities for this type of work and in order to get a position with the division there is a multitude of things that you must know including where to go and what training must be accomplished which will be discussed here.

If you are ready to try your own hand at being a correction officer in the state of WV then getting an application from the human resources office of the WVDOC is a first step that you should take in addition to ensuring that you have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

The WVDOC can be contacted through phone or email to request an application for a job as a correctional officer. Many detention centers may also require you to have a 4 year degree in criminal justice before you can be hired but this is mainly only the case in federal detention centers and not in state run ones.

In addition to this there are usually a host of examinations and other testing that is necessary for landing the position including a federal background check that must yield felony free results for applicants.

Steps you must complete in order to be employed by the WVDOC include finding out if a position is a tested or rated position and taking a completed form along with any certifications you may have to a testing center in order to be screened for the position.

This screening most often involves an examination that you will need a valid driver”s license and social security card to complete. If a position is a rated position then this means that you are scored based on the education you have received pertaining to the job as well as the experience you may have.

In this case you should attach any certifications to a completed application and submit to the WVDOC. After you submit your application or you take the test to qualify you for the position it can take up to 10 days for you to receive your scores.

An important aspect of the application process to remember is that if you do not have a complete list of addresses and telephone numbers for all of your past employees you will not be considered for the position. This aspect of the application process is necessary for the background screening of potential new hires.

Before you apply to take the test to become a correction officer in WV at the state level there are a few more requirements that you should know about. The applicant for the position must not only have a high school diploma or GED but also must have at least a year of relevant work experience in many cases.

In addition to this you must be able to pass a drug screening and physical agility test. You must also be given a psychological assessment and have absolutely no felonies on your criminal record. It is also important to realize that when you get a job in corrections the hours that you work are subject to change and you must be willing to do the job on any shift available.

These shifts are also subject to change so you should be prepared for this aspect of the job.

In addition to this, becoming a corrections officer involves some often rigorous training and education in the field. Getting this education and training can be done in a variety of settings but in West Virginia the corrections academy has been a top choice for many in the field.

The West Virginia Corrections academy is run by the division of corrections in the state and offers training to employees of the division. In addition to this the place has been known as a leading authority in the US for the purpose of getting individuals ready for the job of being a correctional officer.

In regards to this, it is here that much of the skills and professionalism that is necessary to be a corrections officer is learned and applied before one can go on with the job.