If you live in the state of Colorado, then you are probably already aware of the fact that the state is home to many schools offering criminology related degrees. If you are considering a career in some aspect of criminology, then you may be uncertain about which particular school and program is right for you, or you may be wondering if you even really need formal schooling at all.

In most cases, however, not going to school is not an option if you want a successful career in the criminology field. Most criminology professionals will have at least a bachelor’s degree, with some even holding master’s degrees or PhDs.

Some of the more entry level positions in the field do require only associate’s degrees or, in some cases, certificates, but in general, the higher your educational level, the better.

Now that you know for certain that you do need a formal education of some sort, your questions are probably all focused on where to go to school. You might be tempted to think that all of the schools in the state of Colorado are equal and that it won’t matter which one you choose.

The truth, however, is that some schools are far superior to others in terms of the quality of the program, internship and employment opportunities available, and in terms of the school’s general reputation and the stigma graduating from that school carries with it. It is up to you to thoroughly research any school that you are thinking of attending, making sure that it is, first and foremost, fully accredited, and that it has a strong history and a good reputation.

You’ll want a school that can give you every opportunity to have success in the career of your choice.

A lot of Colorado residents make the mistake of considering only traditional colleges and universities, thinking that online schools are all scams or less than legitimate. This can be a big mistake in itself, especially for those trying to earn their degrees with limited time or funding. While there are a lot of online schools out there that are nothing more than scams, there are some truly great ones, both Colorado based and non-Colorado based.

If you think that online schooling could be a good fit for you, don’t overlook it just based on what other people are saying. Do the research yourself to find a good online school! Popular online options for Colorado residents include Argosy University, Colorado Technical University, DeVry University, Regis University, US Career Institute, the University of Colorado-Denver, and University of the Rockies, to name a few.

In the end, the choice of where to go to school, what your exact major will be, and how much success you have in the academic world will all be left entirely up to you. Getting an education is hard work, and that hard work has to start long before you step into the classroom. It starts as you plan your education and continues until graduation day.