The big and beautiful state of Texas is home to many wonderful colleges, universities, community colleges, and trade and technical schools that all have one very important thing in common. That “thing” is the fact that they all have programs which can equip you with all of the skills, knowledge, and training you need to succeed in various careers within the homeland security field.

Of course, some schools are better than others, depending of course upon what you are looking for. That is why we have taken the liberty of listing the top three homeland security colleges in the state for you.

1. Argosy University: The number one spot goes, very fairly, to Argosy University, which has locations in both Dallas and Farmer’s Branch. It makes our list because of the sheer number of programs offered and because of the fact that many of its programs are offered either fully of partially online, often according to your preference.

Programs offered by this impressive school include bachelor’s degree programs in general criminal justice, as well as master’s degree level programs in forensic psychology with a focus on assessment, forensic psychology with a focus on homeland security, forensic psychology with a focus on law enforcement ,forensic psychology with a focus on treatment, general forensic psychology, emergency preparedness and response, and homeland security itself.

2. Central Texas College: Next up is Central Texas College, located in Killeen, which, like Argosy University, offers an impressive variety of homeland security related programs, many of which are offered online.

They include associate’s degree programs in criminal justice with a focus on corrections, criminal justice with a focus on law enforcement technology, general criminal justice, and homeland security management. There’s also certification programs in peace officer training, criminal justice with a focus on addictions, criminal justice studies, and homeland security and emergency management.

3. Del mar College: Finally, we chose Del Mar College, located in beautiful Corpus Christi.

This school has a wide variety of programs, which include associate’s degree level programs in corrections, court reporting, criminal justice technology with a focus on becoming a crime scene technician, criminal justice technology with a focus on police science, general criminal justice, legal secretary and/or paralegal training, peace officer training, information reporting, and anti-terrorism and force protection.

If the school you have your heart set on didn’t quite make our list, don’t worry. The three schools presented here provide just a very small sampling of the many fine educational institutions throughout the state.

Some other top choices not on our list are Abilene Christian University, a private school with many online options; Alvin Community College; Amarillo College; Angelina College in Lufkin; Angelo State University in San Angelo; the Arlington Career Institute in Grand Prairie; Austin Community College District; Brazosport College in Lake Jackson; and many other excellent selections.

You also have to consider the fact that no online schools are on our top three list. Online schools tend to get a bad reputation, and often with good reason. After all, there are a lot of scams out there. The truth is, however, that there are also a lot of truly good schools, and that getting your education online allows you to choose from schools based all over the world.

The trick is just to find the good schools and weed out the bad if you choose to go this route. Always make sure that, with online schools, you look for one that is fully accredited and legitimate and that offers you just as many opportunities for success as a traditional college or university would.

Things to look for in any school, be it online or traditional in nature, include having a wide variety of different degree options, having a career center that can help you to make smart choices about your future, and having opportunities for internships, and other advantages that can help you to get ahead.

Never be afraid to ask questions about these things of the schools you are considering. This, in fact, shows that you are a concerned, responsible student that takes control of his or her own education and who demands only the very best. There is nothing wrong with that either. After all, it is the only way to get ahead.