If you would like to become a court reporter in the state of Vermont, then you will be very glad to know that there is no better time than the present to enter into this exciting, constantly growing, and ever evolving career field.

There is a serious need throughout the state for qualified professionals in the field and, as such, finding a job should not be a problem.

What’s more is that court reporters tend to enjoy excellent salaries, salaries that are well above the state average, as well as real job security, something that, as we all know all too well, is becoming increasingly hard to come by and thus more and more valuable.

The first thing you will need to consider, though, before you can start adequately preparing yourself for an education and then a career in the field is why you are going into this line of work. While the money, benefits, and job security discussed above are all fantastic extras to being a court reporter, these are not good enough reasons to become one.

You must remember that court reporters work long, often very boring and tedious hours, and the work is challenging and not for everyone. If you are going to do this job and enjoy doing it, which in turn will enable you to keep doing it, you must do so out of a real love for the field a true interest in and respect for the job itself and all that it entails.

If you honestly feel that you are becoming a court reporter for the right reasons, then your next step is simply to spend some time growing familiar with the field and what working in it entails. Many people think they would love the work, only to find out it is actually not for them when they take a closer look.

Hopefully, this will not be the case for you, but if it is, it is much better that you find this out now, before you spend a lot of time and money pursuing an education in the field.

As you research, make sure you also do some real self assessment, considering your own personal strengths and weaknesses and how they would work in the field. Remember, your goal is not to dash your dreams, but to bring them down to reality so that they can actually come true!

After you have a realistic idea of what it is like to be a court reporter, then it is up to you to spend some time learning about different jobs in the field. Contrary to popular belief, court reporters work in a wide variety of different ways. In order to find your perfect match, you need to view all of the different positions in the field and then choose the one that interests you most.

If possible, you should even try to shadow or observe a professional who does the work you are interested in to get a real sense of what the work is like. In addition to just learning about the job of your choice, also learn about what its educational and/or training requirements are, being realistic about what you are willing to do to get the job that you desire.

When you have found a job that you are willing to do the work for, then it’s time to get busy!

Every career in the court reporting field starts with a formal education. This education, however, does not always have to result in a degree or come from an actual college. There are lots of good training programs out there, usually offered by trade and technical schools.

However, if you are up for more of a formal education, you might considering earning an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, the two most commonly held degrees in the field. Associate’s degrees are most commonly earned from community colleges and only take, on average, about two years to complete.

Bachelor’s degrees, on the other hand, usually come from traditional colleges and universities, and take about four years to complete on average. Whatever education you pursue, it should line up with the requirements of your intended career.