With the growth of criminology careers across the United States, Texas remains one of the places where this growth is at its peak. Largely due to the many colleges and universities that are consistently ranked at the top of criminology studies programs, the amount of employment opportunities has escalated tremendously in the past decade to give Texas one of the best state reputations for a person that would like to work in the criminology field.

There are many different organizations and companies in Texas that are actively hiring criminologists and a closer look at the different type of work environments that are available will shed light on why many criminologists are choosing to move to the Lone star State.

Clearly, the greatest number of criminologist jobs in the state is found in the universities and research centers that specialize in criminology concerns. Of these, there are two major names that stand out from the rest of the pack.

With two of the country’s five body farms being located in the state of Texas, respectively at Texas State University and Sam Houston State University, many researching and teaching positions are available at these locations due to the large number of students that study the criminology profession at these colleges.

While the University of Tennessee started the first body farm, the saying that everything is bigger in Texas certainly holds true when it comes to these types of research facilities. Both body farms at Texas State University and Sam Houston State University are much larger than their Knoxville counterpart and are quickly overshadowing the work done at the earlier body farm.

In particular, the body farm at Texas State University, also called FACTS or Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State, has a large amount of space and a large number of paid researchers that work on site. In total, FACTS has access to 4,200 acres that can be used for the on hand research that is completed by paid criminologists.

While the body farms and degree programs at Texas universities are the most popular and biggest employers of criminologists, there are other fields where a trained expert may be able to ply their trade. One employer that has recently started using the services of criminologists is the United States Customs and Border Protection.

Because of the large international border that is shared between Texas and Mexico, these criminologists are used to investigate the illegal transfer of goods from country to country as well as illegal activities that happen in this area.

The use of criminologists by the United States Customs and Border Protection agency has helped to decrease crime at this critical point and the results from this organization may lead to criminologists being hired in greater numbers both in Texas and other American locations.

The popularity of the body farms, university programs, and work with border protection, many police departments in the state of Texas are adding professional criminologists to their roster of employees. As has been proven with statistical data, the addition of these trained experts has led to decreased crime in some locations that previously had very high violent and property crime rates.

A person that has criminology experience working with police departments in other states may find the working environment better in Texas because of the detailed techniques that are used and the advanced research centers that can be used in important cases.

The criminologist employment atmosphere in Texas is not limited to only these types of careers. In addition, many of the standard industries where criminologists are being used more also have a home in the state. Government agencies are increasingly using criminologists to investigate white collar crime in the form of forensic accounting and fraudulent behavior.

In addition, many privately owned companies are following suit by hiring criminologists to serve as investigators of both employees and clients. Insurance companies are where much of this growth is coming from and a trained criminologist may be able to find a lucrative career in working with one of these organizations to discover new ways to accurately find and prove fraudulent claims that will increase profits for the company.

In the state of Texas, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding a new career as a criminologist, with many new positions being created each year.