If you live in the beautiful state of Colorado and are interested in becoming an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), then you should know that your career goals are entirely possible.

When most people think of working as an FBI agent, they think of it as a “dream job,” or something that is next to impossible to achieve.

The truth is, however, that new agents are accepted to the FBI each and every day, and by carefully following the simple steps we’ve outlined here, you could easily be one of them.

Step #1: Make Sure you Qualify: The FBI is selective, meaning it doesn’t want just anyone to serve as an agent. Therefore, it has set in place certain qualifications that must be met in order for individuals to become or even apply for FBI agent positions. All applicants must be United States citizens or citizens of the Northern Mariana Islands who are between the ages of twenty- three and thirty-six.

They must not have any felony convictions on their criminal records and must possess a valid driver’s license. A bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field related to accounting or finance, computer studies, languages, or law, from an accredited college or university is also required, as is three years of work experience.

Applicants must be able to pass a drug test, as well as to pass extensive physical and mental testing, and should not have defaulted on a federal student loan. If you do not meet some of these requirements, check to see if they are ones that can be changed, such as making the decision to go back to school or waiting to be a year older. If they are not changeable, then you are unfortunately not applicable for FBI service.

Step #2: Fill out the Application: Once you are sure that you meet all of the necessary requirements, then you are ready to fill out the online application. You will want to make sure you are filling out an official application from the official FBI website. You will also want to put a lot of thought and effort into your application, as it will determine whether or not you make it to the next level of becoming an FBI agent.

Also, please note that providing false or misleading information on your application is illegal, and that applicants who do not meet the requirements discussed above will automatically be rejected.

Step #3: Clearance and Training: If your application is accepted, then you have to get security clearance. This will require you to undergo background testing, drug testing, an examination of your credit, polygraph testing, and interviews with those close to you.

If all of this goes well, then you will be invited to attend twenty-two weeks of training at a certified FBI training center. If you pass every step of the way, then you will be ready for an exciting career as an FBI agent.