In South Carolina being corrections officer can be a job that brings many benefits to you with the right training and education. The number of job opportunities that are available in criminal justice across the US have taken an increase in recent years and if you are looking to be a part of this field then there are many ways that you can go about doing this but one of the most used methods of getting into this field is to go to school online.

Going to school online can not only help you to get your degree in criminal justice quicker in some instances but it may also save you money in the process.

Many online schools offer better rates for courses than traditional universities because strictly online schools are relatively new as opposed to many of the universities that have been a cornerstone to America for centuries in some cases. If you want to explore the option of going to an online school for criminal justice then there are some that offer bachelors degree programs in the field as well as associates and masters degree programs.

Depending on how far you are willing to go in school, going to school online could save you much time in getting a reputable degree that you can be proud of and go get a job with.

In addition to going to school online for your degree there are also many programs that you can take in community colleges in order to increase your chances at getting an entry level position in criminal justice such as becoming a corrections officer in South Carolina. A corrections officer generally does not have to acquire a bachelor’s degree or any type of degree for that matter unless they are working at a federal corrections facility.

Federal corrections facilities require at least a bachelor’s degree for their potential employees and this is not without good reason. Inmates in federal penitentiaries can require much more attention and attention to detail then local and state penitentiaries much of the time so having a degree is a way to ensure that the federal prison system gets qualified workers who can adequately assess certain aspects of the prison inmates.

In addition to this federal penitentiaries may require their employees to do more work than other facilities therefore a higher salary is often paid out to employees.

Though becoming a corrections officer in a state or local corrections center only requires a high school diploma in most cases it is still a very competitive job market for those who are looking for this type of position. There are many requirements other than the high school diploma that potential candidates must adhere to as well.

Many corrections facilities in SC may require you to undergo a series of tests in order to become a corrections officer in the state. These tests may include physical and mental tests as well as standardized tests that allow for candidates to acquire points towards their potential position.

In addition to this there is a very tedious training process that must be undergone after a person is hired in this position and because of the necessity of safety and adequacy there is no way to get around this process.

Once you have gone through your training and application process and are hired at a particular corrections facility there are also other things that you can do in order to make the job even more beneficial to you. Many experienced officers choose to get a professional certification in order to do this and this can be used as a shortcut to rise up in the ranks of the correctional facility that you find yourself working in.

This certification is given by the ACA most often and involves candidates taking an exam on which they must score a 75 or above. Those who get a 90 on this test get honors certifications which can really look good on a resume or to a boss when you are asking for a raise.

With a few years of experience as well as proficiency at the job you could even get the chance to be promoted to a supervisory position as well.