If you are planning to become a criminal justice officer in the state of Kentucky, then it’s highly important that you spend some time alone, honestly assessing yourself, your reasons for your career choice, and whether or not you are truly suited to being a criminal justice officer.

Far too many people go into the field for the wrong reasons or without carefully considering these types of things, and, all too often, they end up dropping out of school or, worse yet, finishing school only to quit their jobs. To save yourself a lot of wasted time, money, and effort, be sure and go through the self assessment process.

First of all, think about the criminal justice field in general and why you have chosen it. Then, spend some time thinking about the exact job you have chosen to embark upon and why you have chosen that. If your answers are things like a high salary, feeling in control, exercising power, or great benefits, then criminal justice might not be the right fit for you.

While those things are nice and are part of the job in most cases, they are only a very small part, and if those are the only reasons you’re entering the criminal justice field, you’re very likely to be disappointed. If your answers, however, include things like because I want to help people or I think the field is fascinating, then you’re probably onto something good!

Secondly, make sure that you, yourself, as a person, are honestly cut out for a job as a criminal justice officer. In general, criminal justice officers must possess certain innate qualities such as being natural leaders and being able to take charge, courage, ethics, respect for others, a commitment to doing what is right, and a quick thinking mind.

Furthermore, criminal justice officers should be in good health, both mentally and physically. If you are lacking in one or, worse, several of these areas, then now is probably a very good time to seriously rethink your decision to become a criminal justice officer.

Also consider your own background and personal history. If you, for example, have a criminal record, particularly if it includes felonies, then you may have a very hard time finding work as a criminal justice officer or in the field at all. While it has been done before, it is very difficult.

Remember too that you must pass rigorous questioning as well as psychological and health tests in order to work as a criminal justice officer. If you know this is going to be a problem or an impossibility for you, then you are again cautioned to rethink your career choices.

None of these things are being said to discourage you from following your dream and becoming a criminal justice officer. They are, instead, being said to help you make sure that dream is realistic and what you really want and to help you to avoid disappointment.