As a Colorado resident who has an interest in attending school to eventually have a career in the field of criminal justice, you should be aware that you have many wonderful options for making your career dreams a reality. However, the decision of which school to attend is up to you; no one else can make that decision for you.

You should also be aware that, while there are many wonderful schools in the state, not all of them will be right for you and your intended career path. There are many different careers within the field of criminal justice and, as such, there are many different requirements.

The education you will need will depend heavily upon the exact job that you wish to do. So, long before you ever set foot in the classroom, you need to have a clear idea of what your career goals are and what you will need to do to get there.

In addition to considering what type of educational program your career will require, also make sure that you consider what type of schooling will work best for you. For some people, traditional college classes, held on campus and mostly during the day, work well. For others, however, night classes, online classes, or combination online and in person classes are the right fit. Consider this realistically when looking for programs and choosing a school.

Some schools commonly attended by those with an interest in criminal justice are: Aims Community College, located in Greeley, with associate’s degree programs in criminal justice, and a basic peace officer academy certificate program.

Arapahoe Community College, in Littleton, with associate’s degree programs in paralegal and criminal justice (offered online), as well as certificate programs in crime analysis, criminal justice (offered online), emergency dispatch, law enforcement academy, and paralegal.

Colorado Mountain College, in Glenwood Springs, with associate’s degree programs in paralegal and criminal justice, and a paralegal certificate program; Colorado Northwestern Community College, in Rangely, with associate’s degree programs in law enforcement, small business management in criminal justice, and criminal justice, and an occupational certificate program in law enforcement.

Colorado Technical University, in Colorado Springs, with online associate’s degree programs in criminal justice and paralegal studies, bachelor’s degree programs in court reporting, criminal justice, and paralegal studies, and an online master’s degree program in criminal justice.

Community College of Aurora, with associate’s degree programs in criminal justice and paralegal, as well as certificate programs in criminal justice, criminal justice community policing, criminal justice court services, criminal justice detention, criminal justice law, and criminal justice operations.

Community College of Denver, with associate’s degree programs in public security management and paralegal, and certificate programs in paralegal, and public security and applied forensics.

Delta-Montrose Technical College, in Delta, with bachelor’s degree programs in corrections and criminal justice, and a certificate program in law enforcement academy, and Denver Academy of Court Reporting, in Westminster, with certificate programs in court reporting and court and realtime reporting.