If you live in the state of Alabama and are interested in becoming a homeland security professional, you will be happy to know that there are lots of educational opportunities available to you in the state, opportunities that can get you on the right path to meeting your career goals.

Since there are so many different jobs available within the homeland security umbrella, the education you will need to pursue will depend largely upon the job that you wish to have.

You can determine this by spending some time researching different careers in the field, finding the one or ones that most interest you, and then learning about the necessary qualifications for those who do such jobs.

Generally speaking, however, most professionals working in the homeland security field will have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. These degrees are usually obtained in about four years on average. Most people will choose to get their undergraduate major in homeland security specifically or in a related criminal justice field.

Others who have clear ideas about what they wish to do will often get degrees related to the job they wish to have. Someone who wanted to become a homeland security attorney, for example, would likely get a degree in law or pre-law if continuing education is planned.

No matter what major you end up choosing, Alabama will likely have the perfect school for you, since there are so many to select from. One very popular option is Amridge University, which is located in Alabama. This school has a bachelor’s degree program in homeland security specifically, and the program is offered either fully or partially online for the student’s convenience.

Chattahoochee Valley Community College, in Phenix City, is also quite popular among homeland security hopefuls. The school offers two different certification programs in the field. While certifications alone will not get you the job you want; they can be a great start or an easy way to supplement an unrelated education.

Other schools known for their excellent homeland security programs include Herzing University, in Birmingham, which has a bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice with a focus on homeland security, as well as bachelor’s degree programs in homeland security and general public safety; and Jacksonville State University, which has bachelor’s degree programs in the field.

There’s also Virginia College, which has locations in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile, and offers many of its programs online.

Of course, the schools mentioned above are just schools that have programs specifically in homeland security. Many other schools have relevant programs in other areas as well.

Some of the more common choice among prospective homeland security professionals include Alabama State University, located in Montgomery, Athens State University in Athens, Auburn University at Montgomery, Bevill State Community College of Sumiton, Calhoun Community College at Tanner, and many, many others. Plus, don’t forget that when you consider online schooling, you open up possibilities from all around the world.