The state of Tennessee is one of the most interesting places for a person to engage in a criminology career, with the University of Tennessee at Knoxville considered to be one of the best public institutions in the nation for criminology studies.

In addition to this higher learning facility, there are many other opportunities scattered throughout the state, including government agencies and private companies that increasingly need the abilities provided by a trained criminologist.

A person that would like an engaging and exciting career after they have completed their criminology studies may wish to consider Tennessee as a possible state for relocation due to the many potential careers.

In the front and center of any discussion about Tennessee criminology careers is the official state sponsored college, the University of Tennessee. While several of the state wide campus network locations offer teaching positions for trained experts, the vast majority of the criminology jobs are found at the campus located in the city of Knoxville.

It is here that the first body farm in the United States was created to study body decomposition rates for criminology purposes. Since 1981, the body farm has been an active center of criminology research, with experts using a large plot of land to study the decaying bodies to discover connections between the decomposition rate and possible circumstances of the person’s death.

In addition, experimental criminology in the form of studying insect behavior on decomposing bodies has led to many breakthroughs in the body of criminology knowledge. With a large staff of researchers and professional criminologists, a person with aspirations of working in forensic science may gain valuable experience and knowledge working at the body farm in Knoxville.

While the body farm at UT-Knoxville has since been passed in size, it remains one of the most important centers of criminology research in the country.

Apart from the forensic side of criminology, there are many other opportunities in the state of Tennessee. Because of the many criminology graduates that emerge from the University of Tennessee network and other esteemed colleges like Vanderbilt University, the availability of highly trained experts has led to a large number of criminologist positions being created in the state.

The majority of these are found in the education and law enforcement divisions. For the former, teaching professions at universities are highly coveted jobs and competition can be quite stiff with the more popular universities.

For law enforcement concerns, many criminology graduates go on to work as detectives and investigators for both local police departments as well as national government agencies that have offices in Tennessee, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Also in Tennessee there are several chances to work in the corporate sector. Many insurance companies make their home in the state and are creating new criminologist positions to provide accurate investigation of potential claim fraud cases.

In addition, with forensic accounting enjoying a rapid surge of growth, the demand for professionals trained in this field can create an excellent hiring opportunity for a person that meets the qualifications.

Both of these areas are relatively new applications of the criminology knowledge that is learned from a college education and are poised to become more popular in Tennessee and other states as the scope of their activities grows and more companies realize the value that comes from having these types of employees.

Pay for criminology positions in the state of Tennessee are largely related to the level of education and experience in the field that a person has. In general, a person with more employment experience or a higher level degree, such as a masters or PhD, can expect a larger salary than a person with more limited qualifications.

However, with the growth of criminology careers in the state, even those with only an undergraduate degree may be able to find success within the job market. The wide range of jobs includes many positions not mentioned in this article, such as prison employees, probation counselors, and defense attorneys.

Tennessee is certainly a hot state to watch for criminology careers and a person that is willing to relocate for a new job may soon find Tennessee as the setting for a good employment opportunity.