In the state of Nebraska, individuals who have criminal justice backgrounds are able to work in a wide variety of different capacities. In fact, there are literally hundreds of different jobs falling within the criminal justice field. It’s important to note, however, that each job in the field has its own very unique educational and/or training requirements.

As such, every person won’t be able to do every job, so if you’re seriously thinking of entering the field yourself, it’s wise to first determine exactly what you wish to do before you enroll in school or any kind of formal training.

While, as mentioned above, you have a ton of different choices as to what you wish to do, some jobs are more common in the state of Nebraska than others. For more common jobs, you’ll typically have an easier time finding educational and/or training programs and finding a place to work after you complete your education.

However, don’t ever feel pressured into choosing a particular line of work for these reasons. Above all, you should pick your job because it is what you love, are good at, and enjoy doing. You’ll just have an easier time, usually, if you pick one of the more common jobs.

Many criminal justice professionals in the state work as victim advocates. These individuals work to help those who have been victims of some sort of crime. They might help them to understand their rights and to navigate through the legal system or to find counseling or other methods of help as they heal from being victimized.

Victim advocates might work with a specific group or type of victims, such as those who have been abused by spouses or significant others, or with a wide range of individuals affected negatively by crime.

Security officers are also common in the state; in fact, you can see these professionals just about anywhere you go. Security officers work in places like libraries, schools, high crime areas, and even grocery stores, casino online working to keep peace and safety at that particular location.

Security officers are not actual law enforcement officers, but they are able to detain those causing problems as they call for police, and their overall job is to protect all those that they come into contact with. Becoming a security officer typically takes very minimal training, and is thus a fairly easy job to obtain.

Probation and parole officers are also common positions held by Nebraska residents. These professionals simply work with those who have recently been released from prison (parole) or from jail (probation). The officer’s job is to make sure that the recently released person is abiding by all constricts of the law, as well as by the conditions of the probation or parole.

Probation/parole officers meet with their clients regularly and may perform drug and alcohol testing and conduct searches to ensure the person is staying on the straight and narrow. These officers can make arrests and ultimately send their clients back to jail or prison if necessary.

Other common ways in which Nebraska criminal justice professionals work include as arson investigators, crime scene investigators, bailiffs, central intelligence agency (CIA) employees, drug enforcement agency (DEA) employees, federal bureau of investigation (FBI) employees, crime analysts, park rangers, police officers, sheriffs, immigration officers, and many others.

If you’re serious about working in the field, start researching your options today to find the job that is right for you. Then, all you’ll have to do is complete any necessary schooling and/or training, and you can be on your way to a fulfilling, lucrative career.