In the state of California, there are many court reporting programs at various colleges and universities that have been certified by the National Court Reporters Association. Californians are very lucky in that respect, because many states do not have any certified programs or only have one or two to choose from.

While it is not absolutely necessary that you choose to attend a certified program, these are generally the most respected programs and will usually get you a job much more quickly than other programs. And, in a state where you have so many options, there is really no excuse not to attend a certified program.

One popular choice for prospective court reporters in the state is the Bryan College of Court Reporting, which, quite obviously, is a school that is exclusively for court reporting and related areas.

This school is quite unique in that regard, as most other court reporting programs are just programs inside of a larger school or university. The Bryan College of Court Reporting has two locations, one in Los Angeles and one in Gold River, making it easy to choose the school that is the closest to and/or most convenient for you.

As mentioned above, the majority of schools that offer court reporting programs are merely traditional colleges and universities. Some such schools in the state include Sage College, which is located in the Moreno Valley; South Coast College in Orange; and West Valley College, in Saratoga.

These schools are all traditional four year institutions and offer a variety of different court reporting related programs. You should choose the program that is right for you based on the type of court reporting you wish to do and on the level of degree that you are planning to obtain. If you choose to attend a different college or university, do take the time to make sure that it is fully accredited.

You also have to consider accreditation status with community colleges and trade schools. Community colleges, which are two year institutions offering associate’s degrees and certification or licensure programs, are usually much more affordable than traditional schools and tend to offer more flexible classes geared toward he busy, working adult.

An excellent, certified option in the state Is Tri Community Adult Education, which is located in Covina. The court reporting program offered can usually be completed quite quickly by most students.

Whether you choose one of the schools listed above or not, keep in mind that the most important thing is simply to choose the school that is right for you. Think about the exact kind of court reporter you wish to be, where you want to work, how much time you are realistically willing and able to devote to your education, and your budget as you try to choose a school.

In the end, the best school for you will be one that you enjoy, take much away from, and, most importantly, that adequately prepares you for the career of your choice.