In recent years, the use of drones by the military has become a hot topic in society. The case of Hedges v. Obama recently revealed the use of drones by the military around the world as well as the unlimited use of these drones. The public has grown concerned by the increase use of these drones, because they mean that the government will now be able to analyze every move that a person makes in the public.


Domestic Drones

The American Civil Liberties Union recently reported that the police force has already increased the use of domestic drones in the sky. The manufacturers of drones may begin to install non-lethal weapons within these drones in the present moment. The use of non-lethal weapons would possibly be items like rubber bullets and tear gas.


The Federal Aviation Administration

Congress has already taken active steps to order the use of these domestic police drones to be used around the world. The ACLU has recommended certain types of legislation that should be passed to limit this use of drones. It is unclear whether using drones around the world may have a negative impact on the way that the international community views the United States. Certain legal rights of other people around the world may also be violated by the use of drones. The ACLU has recommended that legislation be crafted which limits the use of drones without a warrant. A piece of legislation like this would require that there be specific grounds for using a drone in a situation.


Retention of Images

Drones are also harmful, because they can be used to photograph a citizen’s every move. This is a severe invasion of privacy and the liberty of citizens throughout the world. The ACLU maintains that legislation should be created to limit the use of photographs that are taken of citizens. These photographs should only be used when there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime is occurring. They should also only be used when there is evidence that a crime has previously been committed.



Currently, the police departments around the United States are implementing the use of police drones without adequate legislation or policies to allow for this use. Instead, police departments are making the decision to use police drones without any input from the public or the public’s representatives. In the future, there needs to be legislation that holds police departments accountable for the use of drones in the sky. Also, the use of drones should be subject to accountability by other government agencies to check their use. Currently, there is no check on the unbridled power that the police department is assuming to use drones abroad.


Police drones raise many issues concerning the deprivation of a person’s legal rights. Around the world, drones are being used and are violating citizen’s right to receive a trial before being charged with a crime.


Byline: Richard Wright is a freelance law blogger.  He specializes in articles concerning civil rights and medical malpractice articles.

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