The range of criminology careers in Pennsylvania is quite impressive, with many former criminology and criminal justice majors working in various positions. While some come directly from the studies of criminology and criminal justice, other positions are developed from these studies in combination with other disciplines.

As a person is completing their undergraduate degree, it may be time to start looking at the potential careers that can be found for criminology graduates and making their future plans based on which positions that they would like to be eligible for.

In some cases the job will require more schooling after the initial degree has been obtained and a person must plan ahead to make sure that they are ready for the time commitment that is necessary to get the right qualifications for these types of jobs.

Although it requires a lot of work, one of the most financially rewarding jobs that uses a criminology background is as a defense attorney. Following the undergraduate degree in criminology, a person that wants to go into this field may need to spend an additional number of years to receive a law degree and become licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania.

While the criminology background is not necessarily needed to become a defense attorney, the skills that are developed through this course of study will be immediately applicable in understanding criminal behavior and being able to do deep investigation in important cases.

Another criminologist position in Pennsylvania that may require additional schooling is when a person would like to teach in the academic setting or do research on the topic of criminology. With notable schools like the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University, and many other ones offering degrees in this field, there are many opportunities for a person that would like to teach.

In many cases, colleges and universities may have degree requirements, such as having a masters or PhD, to be able to apply for one of the professor positions. However, going through the extra schooling will have dual benefits.

Not only will the person be qualified for these types of jobs, but they will also get an advanced degree and the detailed knowledge of criminology that can make them experts on the subject and also prepare them for other possible criminologist careers.

A person that is looking to go straight from their undergraduate degree to a working career in Pennsylvania will find that there are several positions that can fit this desire as well. Many criminology graduates choose to work with police departments and government agencies that have a need for qualified criminologists.

The three main police forces in Pennsylvania that have criminologist positions are the Pittsburgh Police Department, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Pennsylvania State Police organization.

In addition to the police, other government agencies that have criminologist positions include the FBI, the Secret Service, and the United States Customs and Border Patrol.

The job duties vary between specific government employers in Pennsylvania, but all manner of functions and daily tasks, such as working as a criminal psychologist, can be found in these groups of jobs.

If there is a preference to work in the private sector, Pennsylvania companies and businesses have plenty of offerings for those who have an education and working knowledge of criminology concepts. Working as a criminologist consultant for a private firm can be very lucrative and offers a career that can be very exciting.

Each case is usually different than the last and a person can avoid the routine of completing the same tasks on a daily basis for long periods of time. Another private sector opportunity for graduates of criminology programs in Pennsylvania is to start a private investigation office.

In this manner, a criminologist can also be an entrepreneur and run their own company that offers services that are backed by the knowledge of investigative techniques and the psychology of criminals. Clients for a private investigation service come from not only the general public with individual case, but also from corporations that need outside parties to investigate possible fraud and white collar crime issues.

In Pennsylvania, the wide range of opportunities in the criminology sector means that a person with a degree in the field can have a choice of many different careers.