Deciding to work in the field of criminology in the state of Oregon will not usually result in immediate career opportunities, but will involve several years of study before a person is qualified to work as a professional criminologist.

In short, there are three main steps to becoming a criminologist in Oregon that are closely connected: getting the right education, completing internship programs, and finding long term employment.

In total, the path for a person interested in criminology work will most likely be long, with a possible four to five years from the start of the education to finding an acceptable job in the criminology sector.

By following these three steps, a person will be able to get the training and education they need to have a successful career in criminology.

The first step towards a criminology career in Oregon is to get a good education that will prepare the person for their criminology career. Fortunately, there are many colleges and universities in Oregon that offer exactly this kind of education and the basic skill training that are needed to be an effective criminologist.

With one of the oldest criminology programs in the country, Southern Oregon University has graduated many students with a major of criminology. The program has been in existence since 1966 and has changed names several times as this field has evolved.

From the early beginnings as the Law Enforcement Program to its current incarnation as the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the department has altered its course structure to meet the changing needs of today’s modern criminologist.

The current structure will see a student learn several interdisciplinary subjects, such as sociology, psychology, and political science.

Another educational institution in Oregon that may be an excellent choice for a person to meet their basic education needs is Portland State University, which offers a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice as well as an MS in Criminology and PhD in Public Administration and Policy that has a concentration in criminology and criminal justice for students that are looking to gain advanced knowledge before starting their career.

Located in the city of Portland, students in the undergraduate program take a wide variety of classes, like Police Dynamics and Criminal Justice and Popular Culture that prepare them for what lies ahead in the criminologist job market.

The second step in achieving a criminologist career is completing internships with companies and government agencies that are involved in criminology related functions. These internships should be started in the final years of the undergraduate degree and during the post graduate work if the student decides to follow that route of advanced study.

The benefits of completing several short term internships is to evaluate the various careers that a criminologist may have and find out which ones are more appealing to the person on an individual basis. Forensic crime may be the top choice for some while working in the corporate sector investigating fraud or teaching criminology at a university or college may be the ideal job for others.

For many students interested in criminology, knowing which type of positions can give the most satisfaction will be impossible to know until actual work has been done. The internships provide the opportunity to try this work without a long term commitment to a position.

The last and most important step of becoming a criminologist in Oregon is to start looking for a job. This can be done with online resources as well as asking local agencies about their open positions. In addition, many students choose to stay with the organization that provides their internship, simply switching to a normal paid position after the internship is over.

The majority of criminologists in Oregon return to the academic field for a teaching career or to complete important research. Other criminologists work as consultants and are frequently used to analyze data in criminal cases or to serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings.

The Oregon careers in criminology are quite varied and a person that has seen first hand experience through the internships will be able to pick the right one for their future career. By following the three steps to find criminology employment in Oregon, a person can take the first steps towards success within this fast growing field.