As a Wyoming resident interested in pursuing a career in the exciting and very lucrative career field of criminal justice, you will be happy to know that there are many wonderful opportunities just waiting to be taken advantage of by you!

Wyoming is home not only to many colleges and universities offering exciting educational programs, but also to many online colleges and universities, as well as a combination of both. However, you can’t make the mistake of going into any of these programs, either traditional or online, unprepared for what lies ahead. Doing so will likely cause you to waste countless dollars, as well as valuable time and effort on your part.

Since criminal justice is such a wide and varied field, not just in the state of Wyoming but throughout the world, you’ll obviously need to have an idea of the exact career that you would ultimately like to have even before you start the initial planning stages of your education.

All criminal justice jobs will have specific requirements and necessities, and it’s much easier to meet them and even to plan your education around them if you know what they are well ahead of time.

Once you’ve got a plan in place, it’s time to start mapping out your education. As you probably already know, in today’s age of computer and cyberspace, online schooling and education is becoming increasingly more popular. If you are worried about balancing the heavy demands of raising a family, working full time, and/or fulfilling your educational necessities, then online schooling might just be for you.

In addition to the sheer convenience it offers, online education also tends to be cheaper and much less time consuming than traditional educational pursuits. However, just as you must take precautions with traditional schooling and choosing the right program, you must also do so, perhaps even more so, with online education.

Now, you must be careful not to get the impression that online schooling is all bad, for it most certainly is not. In fact, we’ve outlined some of the many benefits of it right here, in the above few paragraphs. However, for every good and legitimate online schooling opportunity that you will find, you will find ten programs that are just out to take your money and waste your very valuable time and effort.

In order to avoid falling prey to such instutints, choose only those schools that are directly connected to at traditional college or university or that, at the very least, are fully accredited in the state and, better yet, beyond it.

With that said, and with all precautions in mind, there re some very tried and true online schools and/or proems in the state, some of which are offered entirely online, and some of which will require a combination of both online schooling and traditional schooling.

Popular fully online and/or partially online programs and schools chosen by Wyoming residents with an interest in criminal justice education include Casper College, located in Casper, with associate’s degree programs in general criminal justice, corrections, criminal justice policing, corrections, and forensic science; Central Wyoming College, in Riverton, with associate’s degree programs in general criminal justice and homeland security, as well as a certificate program in rural justice.

Eastern Wyoming College, in Torrington, with associate’s degree programs in general criminal justice, corrections, and law enforcement, as well as a certificate granting program in corrections; Laramie County Community College, in Cheyenne, with associate’s degree programs in legal assisting, criminal justice and corrections, criminal justice and law enforcement, and criminal justice with a concentration in pre-law studies.

The University of Phoenix, also in Cheyenne, with an associate’s degree program in general criminal justice, as well as bachelor’s degree programs in the same, in criminal justice and administrative and institutional healthcare, criminal justice and administrative and management, criminal justice administration, organizational security management, and administration of justice and security; the University of Wyoming, in Laramie, with an associate’s degree program in general criminal justice.

Western Wyoming Community College, located in Rock Springs, with an associate’s degree program in general criminal justice. These programs, of course, only represent a sampling of the many educational opportunities available to you.