The state of Ohio is an excellent place to be for those who dream of becoming homeland security professionals. The main reason for this isn’t the above-average salary these professionals receive in the state or even the excellent job security and benefits.

While all of these things are great, the main thing that makes Ohio such an awesome place to be is the wide array of schooling options that are available. There are so many, in fact, offering majors in or related to homeland security, that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. What we can do, however, is name a few of the top picks among homeland security students in the state.

Beckfield College:

Located in Springdale, Beckfield College is an excellent choice for the true beginner in the field and in higher education in general. The school is known for having comprehensive, associate’s degree programs that make easing into an education in the field a breeze.

Plus, credits earned at this college are easily transferrable to undergraduate institutions, so that students can go right into earning their bachelors’ degrees if they so choose. Available associate’s degree programs include general criminal justice degrees and others. The school also has its own bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice, so transferring credits won’t even be necessary for those who choose to stay with the major.

Bowling Green State University:

This excellent school, named for its location, makes the list because it offers some of its programs online for the ultimate convenience of the student. Some programs are also available partially online and partially in person as well.

The school’s wide array of homeland security related majors includes both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs in general criminal justice. Many people pursue the bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and then go straight through to earn their master’s in a record amount of time.

Bryant & Stratton College:

What makes Bryant & Stratton College so great is the fact that it has a ton of locations. Basically, the school plopped itself in as many places as possible in order to be accessible to students from all over the state.

Currently, there are locations in Cleveland, Eastlake, and Parma, with plans in the works for even more locations.

In terms of degrees, many of which are offered online, the school has associate’s degree programs in general criminal justice, security technology, and IT security, as well as bachelor’s degree programs in general criminal justice.

Central Ohio Technical College:

This Newark school was chosen just because of the wide variety of unique homeland security majors and programs it offers. These include associate’s degree programs in criminal justice technology, forensic science technology, and law enforcement technology, as well as certification programs in law enforcement and peace officer training.

If you do go the route of a certification program, however, keep in mind that a certification is not the same as a degree and will not take the place of one.

It can, however, be an excellent way to test the waters before committing to a major or to supplement an unrelated education.

Columbus State Community College:

This school makes a fine choice because of its interesting majors. Educational selections include associate’s degree programs in emergency medical services, fire science, law enforcement with an emphasis on corrections, and general law enforcement, as well as certification programs in counter terrorism training, fraud examination, and policing.

Remember, however, that when you choose a less common major or program, you should usually only do so if you already have a specific and closely related career goal in mind.

Hocking College:

The final choice on our list is this Nelsonville, Ohio school, which, like many others, offers programs that are hard to find elsewhere.

These include reputable associate’s degree programs in natural resources law enforcement, police science, social services, corrections and criminal justice, and fire and emergency services.

Do remember that the schools listed here in no way, shape, or form represent all of your choices in the state. In fact, there are actually dozens more. These, however, are some of the very best. If, for some odd reason, you can not find an Ohio school that is right for you, consider the online world.