Getting started on the path to becoming an Ohio corrections officer involves learning as much as you can about the position before you go an apply at a state, local, or federal penitentiary. If you are attempting to become an asset to a correctional facility near you then it is necessary that you meet a few requirements before you can.

The first requirement you must meet is to be a person who is 18 years of age or older who has a high school diploma or the equivalent in order to even be considered for the position. Beyond this it is also important that you be below the age of 37 in many cases and that you have a clean criminal history before applying.

Other requirements that may be implemented in your application process are that you may have to complete a ACA mandated test and a drug screening before you can be hired. You may also have to pass a mental examination and a physical one to ensure safety on the job and that you can handle the stress of the position.

Before applying to become a corrections officer it is also important that you know what the job is truly like. Many of us see cop dramas on television and think that the life of a corrections officer is all about breaking up fights or simply watching inmates go about their daily activities but there is much more that goes into being a successful officer.

One of the most prominent job duties involves the frequent cell checks that corrections officers are responsible for in the prison setting. These cell checks are for the purpose of finding weapons, drugs, sanitary discrepancies and other violations of the rules of the particular prison system an officer may work in.

Besides this, a typical corrections officer may have to endure very uncomfortable conditions such as the intense weather that plagues many parts of the country in specific seasons as a corrections officer may have to work both in and out of doors.

In addition to this a corrections officer may have no set shift and throughout the year they will often have to work odd shifts and holidays frequently as service from corrections officers are needed 24 hours a day. These aspects of the job may seem overwhelming for some but many who undertake this job may enjoy the duties and thrive in the atmosphere depending on the type of person they are.

In addition to the duties that you must adhere to after being hired for the position the training of a corrections officer can often involve long stretches of time and the intake of much information about the job. This training can take place in a variety of settings including a private or state owned training site.

The training of a typical officer can last several weeks and can involve long hours. In addition to this the training process can be unpleasant for many who attempt it. Though it may be unpleasant it is very necessary to ensure job success. Many skills are learned during this type of training which can include interpersonal skill training as well as training on how to do the duties of the job in the correct way.

Corrections officers can spend much time working on the techniques that they learn during training on and off the job and the training that is learned can not only help with the job but in many cases with life in general.

If you want to become a corrections officer after researching what the job requires then it is necessary to know that depending on if you want to work for a federal penitentiary or a local one you may need to meet additional requirements. For federal penitentiaries in general it is often necessary to have at least a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in order to be hired in this field.

The training that you get at school will prepare you for this and many other jobs in the criminal justice system so it may be a good idea to get this education if you are interested in being a part of other areas in the field besides becoming a corrections officer.