With the increased student demand for criminology programs at universities, the state of New Jersey has become a prime destination for any person that is interested in a quality education dealing with criminal justice.

The many universities across the state have embraced the relatively new field and many have begun to offer specialized degrees for students that would like to pursue a career in this area.

The degree programs at New Jersey schools are widely varied, ranging from the complex dual degree offerings from the Richard Stockton College to smaller minors from notable universities like Rutgers.

A prospective student will need to look at the several types of programs that are on offer and decide which criminology degree best fits their intentions.

Rutgers University is a famous New Jersey institution, with three separate campuses being located in different cities. At the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences in New Brunswick, the Criminology minor has started to become a popular choice for students that would like to focus on other fields but also have a background in criminology.

While the workload of the minor is obviously not as heavy as with a standard major program, a student can learn about a wide variety of subjects related to criminal justice and psychology.

A total of seven courses that are listed under the criminology heading must be taken, including classes like the Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Race Relations course.

A student that would like more than just a minor education in criminology may wish to attend the College of New Jersey. At this institution, a specific degree in criminology is offered. While the degree program does include law-based components, the intention of the study is to gain a deeper knowledge of criminal behavior and the response that society has towards such behavior.

Using a combination of theory and empirical research, the program aims to teach students both the academic understanding of criminology concerns as well as the role that the legal system plays in the development and prevention of crime.

The criminology major and minor studies at the College of New Jersey are growing in popularity and a student association has begun to allow an open discourse about criminology as well as real world projects where the knowledge learned at the college can be used.

Rutgers University and the College of New Jersey are well respected when it comes to their criminology programs, but there is one other New Jersey school that has an even greater acclaim. The Criminal Justice program at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey is unique both in the structure of the degree program and the specialized routes that a student can take.

Criminology experts often place the programs at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in the top ten of all American colleges that offer such degrees.

The unique choice offered by this school is a combination BA and MA program that is meant to last for five years. At the end of the studies, successful students can receive both an undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time.

The specializations that are offered within the criminology field at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey can include Forensic Psychology or Homeland Security. In addition, students can opt fro a general Criminal Justice education for both degrees. With the high prestige of the dual major program, the admission standards are quite high.

The state of New Jersey is at the forefront of criminology research and education, with many schools offering a wide range of training opportunities for potential students. Whether the desire is for a simple minor in criminology or an advanced masters, there could be a perfect fit found in a New Jersey school.