When it comes to the criminal justice field there are many opportunities that you can explore in the state of New Hampshire in order to join the field and to become a corrections officer but before making this decision it is important that you know what to expect from the job and how to go about landing a job in corrections.

The first aspect of getting a job as a corrections officer is finding out what this job entails. A corrections officer is often responsible for overseeing the inmates at a correctional facility whether it is a state, federal, or local detention center. State detention centers as well as local ones do not require a degree in criminal justice in order for people to be hired to work in these facilities but federal ones often do.

In a state facility the requirements for this job include a high school diploma and for candidates to be 18 years of age to 21 years old and up. Other requirements for the position may include physical and mental evaluations as well as a standardized exam that assesses your knowledge in the field.

This exam is possible to pass without formal education but getting a degree in criminal justice can not only help you to know what you need to in order to pass this test but can also help you to grow within the facility you are hired in. Training after being hired is also a mandatory occurrence in this field which can last for a few weeks once it has begun.

In order to increase your chances at getting a job as a corrections officer it may be a good idea for you to get a solid background in criminal justice through gaining relevant experience or by going to school and pursuing your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Though this will not guarantee you a position as a corrections officer in New Hampshire it is a good way to let the center that you are applying to work in know that you are serious about getting the position. A criminal justice degree is a good way to gain growth opportunities in the field as well and getting your degree involves enrolling into an accredited university and going through the criminal justice degree program.

This can be done online as well as offline but the online method of getting your degree in criminal justice may be the more convenient option for your to take especially if you have a full time job already. As mentioned you do not necessarily have to get a degree in criminal justice to be successful as a corrections officer so you could go to school online while you work as a corrections officer to possibly experience more job growth.

In addition to becoming a corrections officer there are other associated careers that you can look into with a good background in criminal justice. One of the most prominent examples of this would be to join the police force in your area or to become a courtroom bailiff. Bailiffs have very similar functions as corrections officers.

Another opportunity that you could look into is becoming a parole officer. A parole officer’s job is to counsel and monitor offenders and this could be an equally satisfying way to use your knowledge in criminal justice and to find your meaningful place in the job market. In addition to this becoming a private security officer often requires no degree or prior experience so for those who do not want to go to school for criminal justice this may be a great option for you to explore.