If you live in the state of Montana and are interested in going into the vast field of criminal justice, then you’ll be glad to know that the outlook for criminal justice careers and jobs is quite good in the state. For the most part, these positions pay above the average salary across the board, and well trained and qualified criminal justice employees enjoy excellent benefits, particularly if they work in state position, in addition to great job security, something that is quite difficult to come by in this day and age.

It’s important to note, however, that every criminal justice job is different, and that there are a lot of different ways in which you can choose to work in the field. Just as every job and its responsibilities is different, the requirements for positions also vary from job to job. Therefore, it’s important that you have a clear idea of what you want to do and what you will need to do in order to reach your goals before you start planning your education or training.

One of the more common criminal justice jobs in the state is in criminal investigation. In this position, the professionals are responsible for working on cases related to a wide variety of different types of crime. They go to the scene of crimes, interview witnesses and suspects, collect evidence, and try to solve difficult cases.

Some criminal investigators specialize in one particular type of investigations, such as murder investigations, while others work on a wide variety of different cases. Criminal investigators typically have backgrounds in law enforcement and have often spent several years working in the field as policemen and women. Criminal investigators enjoy high salaries, but work long, demanding hours and must have a clear criminal background, as well as be physically and mentally healthy and stable.

Some people within the state work in extremely coveted positions with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), or even in the secret service. Again, law enforcement backgrounds are common, and workers must apply for employment to such organizations.

In the very selective application process, potential employees are subjected to extensive psychological and health testing, as well as to very in depth background checks. Only pokies online the best of the best earn these positions, which are often highly secretive and, of course, extremely well paid.

Montana residents who love the outdoors and want to help preserve nature and police the actions of others to protect the environment often work in criminal justice as park rangers. Often termed the “policemen of the park,” most rangers can be found working in natural resorts and parks throughout the area, where they set up the rules of the park, police those who visit the park, and make sure that any hunting, fishing, and trapping is done appropriately if allowed at all.

Becoming a park ranger takes formal training and schooling and, like most criminal justice jobs, pays a lucrative salary above the average for the state.

Parole and probation officers are also common criminal justice jobs in the state. These officers who, again, typically have backgrounds in law enforcement, work with those on parole, meaning they have been released from prison, or probation, meaning they have been released from jail.

These officers meet with their clients regularly, often administering drug and/or alcohol tests, to make sure they are abiding by the law and by all conditions of their probation or parole period. They have the power to arrest their charges and/or to punish them when they break the rules.