Getting a career started in the criminal justice system through getting a degree in criminology is not a task to be taken lightly as there are many courses that must be taken and passed in order to get  a degree in the field.  The good thing about this is there are a multitude of schools and programs in Maryland that can help you to land that criminology job that you have always wanted.

One of the first steps to gaining a degree in criminology is to assess what it is that you would like to be doing in the criminology field.  There are many jobs to choose from when you are talking about getting a job in the criminal justice system and it is important that you know what job you want to do and the requirements for that job as far as degrees and education are concerned.

For example when it comes to getting a job as a police officer this does not necessarily require a degree but when it comes to getting a job as a researcher or teacher of criminology then this may require years of school course work and a PHD.

It all depends on where you see yourself after you get your education and what work you are willing to put in to achieve your goals.

If you are thinking about enrolling into a degree program for your career in criminology it is important to realize what comes with this decision, it is also important to figure out how to go about doing this and where.

Going to school for criminology can be accomplished at any one of the major universities in Maryland as well as most community colleges and internet schools but depending on how far you want to go with your education taking classes at a university may be the best option for you because with this option you can go on to graduate school often directly through the college you had your undergrad studies in.

If you are not a person that sees themselves going to graduate school for any given job then going to school online or at a community college can not only save you money but also time invested in your career training but it is important to realize that to become an actual criminologist many of these positions require at least a 2 year masters degree though there are a multitude of jobs available to you with an undergrad degree.

In addition to figuring out where you are going to go to school for your degree the different types and the amount of jobs available to you after you graduate from your degree program is something else to keep in mind when pursuing criminology as a career path.  From law enforcement jobs to research and teaching jobs there are many to choose from depending on your preferences for work.

Many people go into law enforcement jobs because there is opportunity for hands on work and for personal and professional growth.  In fact becoming a police officer is one of the first steps that many people take to get the on the job training necessary to go into other positions such as becoming a CSI or FBI agent.

In regards to teaching and research in the field, many people go into these disciplines because they are less hands on and more sedate career options.  It all depends on your preferences and there are many jobs out there that a criminology degree qualifies you for so whatever path you many choose to pursue as far as a career is concerned you can’t really go wrong with choosing to get training in the criminology field because there is virtually something for everyone.