If you live in the beautiful state of Alaska and dream of one day becoming an FBI agent, you will be glad to know that there are lots of opportunities for you to reach your career goals right in your own state.

However, knowing just how to take advantage of these opportunities and how to get started achieving your goals can be a bit difficult. There are so many sources of advice and so many paths you can follow, that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Before you do anything, though, your first step should be to make sure that you meet the preliminary requirements for being an FBI agent.

If you don’t, then there is no need to waste your time, money, and effort pursuing a career you can’t actually have.

All FBI agents must currently be a United States citizen or a Northern Marina Islands citizen. You do not have to have been born in either of those places, but you must have full citizenship. Prospective FBI agents also must be at least twenty-three years of age, and cannot be past thirty- six years of age.

There can be no past felony convictions, and in truth, a completely clean criminal background is desired. All FBI applicants must hold a driver’s license, have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, and be able to pass a drug test. Furthermore, FBI agents should be in excellent physical and mental health and should be willing to relocate or travel as directed.

If you meet or can meet all of the preliminary requirements, then your next step is to fill out an application to serve with the FBI. This application will ask you lots of detailed questions, and it is extremely important that you are completely honest on every aspect of your application. Any kind of lying or leaving out important information will not be tolerated at all.

You also will want to give your application everything that you have and work hard to make it great. Remember, this application will determine whether or not you will be eligible for a career in the FBI, so take it seriously.

If your application is accepted, then congratulations are in order- but the hard work isn’t over yet! You will still have to complete FBI training, which is intensive and really separates the boys from the men. You will also have to undergo and successfully pass a battery of tests.

You will be tested on your mental and psychological health through questionnaires and surveys and even through a meeting with a professional psychologist. You will also be tested physically to make sure that you are in the very best of health and capable of doing the hard work that the FBI demands of its agents. You will be tested on your honesty and to see if you use illegal drugs or abuse legal drugs. If you can pass everything, you can be an FBI agent.