If you are a Kentucky resident interested in securing a job as an FBI agent, then you should know that one of the most important requirements for agents is that they possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. For many people, this requirement comes as a surprise, and leaves them wondering what in the world they should get their degree in.

Well, the good news for those who are a little stumped is that, while the FBI doesn’t technically say a certain degree area is necessary, there are four general academic majors that tend to be the most common among selected FBI applicants. So, by making the choice to major in one of these areas, you are practically sealing your fate as an FBI agent.

The first subject area is in general finance. The FBI needs agents who are good with money and numbers and who are going to be capable of dealing responsibly with federal funds. Therefore choosing to get your degree in accounting, finance, or even mathematics can be a very smart choice.

There are, fortunately, a lot of schools in the state and online that offer such degrees.

In today’s world, pretty much everything is or can be done on the computer and/or online. That is why degrees in areas related to computers are becoming extremely common among FBI agents. There are lots of different major areas that fall under this category, and you should devote some time and thought to finding the one that is the best fit for you and your interests.

Commonly chosen majors include general computer science, computer information technology, computer information systems, computer networking, and others. Look at your own interests and the knowledge that you already have when selecting your own major. Also, keep in mind that the FBI requires three years of related work experience, which is easy to get in many of the computer related subject areas.

As you likely already know, being a member of the FBI means communicating effectively with people from all over the world. This is why foreign language, linguistic, communication, and even English degrees are so popular with FBI agents.

If you are fluent and can speak with those who have a different first language or if you are just good at speaking and communicating ideas effectively, then you can easily earn a related degree and, subsequently, a coveted spot as an FBI agent.

Being an FBI agent is, in many ways, quite similar to being a police officer. Perhaps that is why so many people find that law enforcement degrees are an easy way to make it into the bureau. However, if law enforcement isn’t your thing, any studies related to law or the legal system are considered acceptable. Popular majors include criminal justice, criminology, crime scene investigation, general legal studies, and many others, including specific types of crime specializations. Remember, the FBI is all about upholding justice and protecting people, so a law related degree is just perfect.

No matter what degree you end up selecting for yourself, know that it isn’t just the degree you have that will determine whether or not you become an FBI agent. While this is certainly an important factor, you also have to work very hard to get good grades, and you will need to be able to turn out a stellar and very impressive application. Even if your application is approved, you will still have to successfully undergo extensive training and testing. So, in short, you have to be awesome all around, and you can’t rely on your degree to carry you.