For those interested in pursuing careers in the criminal justice field, Iowa is an excellent place to be. There are a wide variety of positions open for people in all different areas of criminal justice, especially in law enforcement and corrections.

What’s more is that jobs in the field here tend to offer above average pay, excellent benefits, and job security, which is extremely hard to come by in these tough economic times.

Those who are just entering the field or who are thinking about the field will be glad to know that there are a wide variety of different educational institutions in the state that offer excellent programs in criminal justice.

Popular criminal justice schools in Iowa include both online schools and traditional schools, with some traditional schools also offering online programs as well. Remember, that there are both good and bad online schools out there, and it’s up to the prospective student to do the research and choose a legitimate, accredited one.

Commonly chosen online schools for Iowa residents include Ashford University, which offers bachelor’s degree programs in social science and criminal justice, homeland security and emergency management, organizational management and homeland security, organizational management and criminal justice, social and criminal justice, corrections management, forensics, homeland security, political science and government, and security management.

Kaplan University, which offers associate’s degree programs in criminal justice, fire science, and paralegal studies, as well as bachelor’s degree programs in fire science, fire and emergency management, international and comparative criminal justice, criminal justice, computer crime, crime scene investigation (CSI), criminal justice administration and management, forensic psychology, juvenile justice, and law enforcement.

In addition to master’s degree programs in fire and emergency services, homeland security and emergency management, legal studies, corrections, leadership and executive management, education and the legal system, health care delivery, legal system and the media, and state and local government; and Upper Iowa University, offering bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice and emergency and disaster management, as well as master’s degree programs in government administration and justice and homeland security.

Of course, those preferring traditional colleges and/or universities have no shortage of options either. Popularly attended traditional schools for criminal justice majors include the AIB College of Business, located in Des Moines, with a bachelor’s degree program in court reporting; Briar Cliff University, in Sioux city, with a bachelor’s degree program in general criminal justice; Buena Vista University, located in Storm Lake, with a bachelor’s degree program in criminology and criminal justice.

Des Moines Area Community College, in Ankeny, with associate’s degree programs in criminal justice and legal assistant, as well as a certificate program in legal assistant; Dordt College, in Sioux city, with a bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice; Eastern Iowa Community College District, in Davenport, with certificate programs in health, safety, and environmental criminal justice and law enforcement; Ellsworth Community College, located in Iowa Falls, with an associate’s degree program in criminal justice; and Graceland University of Lamoni, with bachelor’s degree programs in pre-forensic science and sociology with concentrations in criminology and/or justice.