Prospective FBI agents currently living in the state of Ohio should know that there are several requirements they will need to meet before they should even think about applying to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). First of all, applicants who are not at least twenty- three years of age or who are older than thirty- six years of age or who will be by the time the application process is complete are not eligible.

Furthermore, applicants will be required to undergo and successfully complete a battery of tests and assessments. These include mental testing to make sure the individual is psychologically sound; physical testing, which measures vision, hearing, reflexes, and overall health; intelligence testing to measure intelligence and propensity for success in the FBI, and possible others.

Prospective FBI agents also need to have incredibly clean backgrounds with no criminal charges having ever been filed against them.

If you can meet all of these tough requirements to start, then you can be sure you are not wasting your time as you plan and study for a career in the FBI. Speaking of studying, that is certainly something that you will need to do a lot of. FBI agents are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, with masters and/or doctoral level degrees preferred.

These degrees can, theoretically be in any subject that interests you, but really, most successful FBI agents choose from common areas. These include subjects like computer science, information technology, cyber crime investigation, computer fraud, engineering, criminal justice, crime scene investigation, criminology, scientific studies, foreign languages, accounting, finance, and other related areas.

When you have earned your bachelor’s degree in one of these or another subject and have completed two to three years of related work experience, then you are ready to submit the application for the FBI. This application will ask you extensive questions about your background, your goals, and many other things.

You should do your best to make yourself look as good and upstanding as possible, but you must also be honest. Absolutely everything you say in your application will be checked thoroughly for accuracy, and the smallest of lies is a good reason for your application to be denied. It can take several months to find out if you have been accepted, and from there, even more work awaits.

A lot of people think an approved application meets automatic success, but there is still work to be done.

Once an application has been approved, the applicant is required to undergo training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. This training is extremely intense and involves mental and physical preparations.

Applicants will want to be in excellent physical shape when they report to the training center if at all possible. It is not uncommon for people to drop out of training because it is too difficult, so make sure that you prepare yourself both mentally and physically before you go, and that you go in with determination.

If you can make it through the training satisfactorily, you can have an FBI agent position waiting for you when you do. Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Most FBI jobs that people start out with are very entry level, don’t pay the best, and can often seem menial and dull.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged, though. Once you’ve put in some hard work and proven yourself to your superiors, you can advance until, eventually, you are working that exciting, challenging, prestigious, and very lucrative job that you have always dreamed of having for yourself.