If you are a Rhode Island resident with dreams of becoming a homeland security professional, then you should know that getting the proper education is absolutely vital for turning your career dreams into reality.

What you should also be aware of, however, is that you are in a truly wonderful place to make those dreams come true. That is because Rhode Island is home to some of the very best educational programs in and related to homeland security.

Before you start exploring these programs, however, or even thinking about applying, there is some groundwork you need to do.

That groundwork involves researching to familiarize yourself with the homeland security field as much as possible. In addition to learning about the field in general, however ,you also need to pay particular attention to the many different career options within the field. Be sure to take note of any that are of interest to you and that you think you might possibly be interested in pursuing as a career.

Those are the ones you will want to give extra attention to, being sure to learn about their various requirements and the necessary qualifications for applicants. When you find a job for which you can realistically meet the requirements and qualifications, you can set that as your career goal.

Having a career goal before beginning your education is important because it gives you focus and a sense of direction and purpose.

Plus, without a clear idea of what it is you want to do in the field, you would likely be at a loss as to what to major in. You might even choose a major that will not end up helping you at all in the long run, once you have actually figured out your career goals.

So, having that career goal down pat will help you to properly plan out your education. Plus, it will help you to narrow down the surprisingly large number of choices that exist in this small state.

Some of the best and most commonly attended by prospective homeland security professionals include the Community College of Rhode Island, located in Warwick, and Johnson and Wales University, a prestigious institution based in Providence.

The first school offers associate’s degree programs in law enforcement related areas, and the second has a renowned bachelor’s degree program in general criminal justice.

Those who are on the lookout for online schooling options, still with a local base, may find their educational home at the Lincoln Technical Institute.

This school offers online associate’s degree programs in criminal justice and in criminal minds. The school also has an online dual bachelor’s degree program in both of the preceding, and in information management and security.

It also offers a traditional certification program in general criminal justice. Likewise, Roger Williams University, in Bristol, has a bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice, as well as a master’s degree program in the same. Other good choices offering various degrees include Rhode Island College in Providence and Salve Regina University in Newport.