South Dakota residents who think they might like to become court reporters will be very happy to know that this industry is going strong in the state right now. Even in a time where people are getting laid off from their jobs left and right, the majority of South Dakota court reporters are enjoying excellent job security.

What’s more is that they are also enjoying pay that is well above the state average and, in most cases, great benefits, especially if they are employed by the United States government. With so many great things about this career, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for your goals and turn those dreams into reality.

Getting a job as a court reporter is something that most people think will be quite a bit harder than it actually is. The truth is, getting the job is the easy part. It is simply preparing for that job that takes a bit of effort on your part.

The first effort you have to put in just involves researching the field and the many different career options in it n order to find your most perfect match. Make sure this match is realistic though, and something that you are willing and able to accomplish.

Narrowing down your many choices and choosing the job you want will probably be one of the harder parts of your journey. What comes after you have done this is simple. It is planning out an education, based on the research you have done, and finding a school at which to obtain that education.

Community colleges, trade and technical schools, traditional colleges and universities, and even online schools all offer programs that may be of interest to you and your future career. It is up to you to choose the right program and school through research and careful selection.

Keep in mind that a number of different degree and certificate programs exist in the field. However, the job you ultimately want to have should dictate what level of education you aspire to. For some, completing a simple (and often quite brief) training program is plenty of education.

Others will need to have at least an associate’s degree, and some positions will require a bachelor’s degree. Few jobs in the field require a higher level degree than this, though an education can only help and not hurt you.

You might think he work is done after you have earned your education, but there is still a bit more you will need to do. In the state of South Dakota, you have to be licensed in order to work as a court reporter. Licensing involves studying for, taking, and passing an examination that will test your knowledge of the field and of the legal system in general as well as your actual skills as a court reporter.

Once you pass the licensure exam, though, you are home free, and all you have to do is find a job!

Of course, some people do decide that they want to further continue their educations by choosing to become certified in a particular area. This area should be very closely related to the job you wish to have. Certifications can come from a number institutions, including colleges and universities, and even professional organizations.

Each certification will have its own requirements that must be met and will take its own amount of time to complete. You should choose a certification that will help you to have more opportunities in your career field and that will make you more valuable to prospective employers.

Looking for a job in the field should not prove too difficult. South Dakota has a shortage of qualified court reporters, and positions are constantly open and in desperate need of being filled. If you are truly qualified in the field, you should have absolutely no problem landing a job.

You might not start off in the exact position or at the exact level that you want, but it is incredibly easy to work your way up in this industry. No matter what your first job is like, remember that just getting your foot in the door is the first step