An injury or medical condition acquired due to someone else’s negligence often warrants a free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney. However, the victim may hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer due to lack of funds. An individual who has a potential lawsuit against a negligent person or corporation due to an act of misconduct does not normally need to pay any upfront fees to an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. This encourages more potential clients to visit wit a personal injury lawyer, when they might not have otherwise.

Personal Injury Lawyers do not Require Retainer Fees

Personal injury lawyers are in a separate category when it comes to fees. Divorce Lawyers and criminal lawyers ask clients for retainer fees prior to working on their cases. These fees are deposits placed in separate retainer fee accounts. Attorneys apply the deposit amounts toward the beginning phases of the required work, but they do not use the funds until they actually bill their clients. Retainer fees do not necessarily indicate the total amount of money owed by clients. Clients may not find out the exact figures of the total amount due until the lawyer completes all of the tasks involved to procure favorable results.

Every Victim Deserves a Just Reward for Injuries

Personal injury lawyers do not typically charge any retainer fees, which makes it possible for every victim of a negligent or wrongful act to receive a fair amount of justice. A victim who has a good personal injury case may not have any extra money. This is completely irrelevant because the person is not going to pay the personal injury attorney any money, or put down a deposit of any kind, until the lawyer wins the case. The client will need to sign a contingency contract, but that is the extent of the procedure. The contingency contract spells out the exact percentage due to the personal injury lawyer upon receiving a cash settlement awarded by the court.

Contingency Fees Include Expenses

A qualified personal injury lawyer needs to spend money in order to win the client’s lawsuit. These expenses may include copies of official police reports, copies of medical records from the victim’s personal physician, copies of hospital records, office expenses that involve long distance telephone calls, time involved in performing research, court fees, investigator fees and payments to professionals who serve as witnesses in the case. A personal injury lawyer may even give the client money to pay for any necessary medical tests, and repayment is not required unless the attorney achieves a successful result. The victim does not need to worry about paying any of these expenses and fees unless he or she receives a favorable outcome. If the lawyer wins the case, the client receives a final settlement amount minus the agreed upon contingency percentage.

Failure to Win a Case Means No Required Fees

If a personal injury lawyer fails to win a client’s lawsuit, the client does not owe any money. The expenses, fees and medical payments taken care of by the personal injury lawyer do not require repayment. This is one reason why a personal injury attorney is not going to accept a case unless they think that the prospective client has a good chance of winning the lawsuit or securing a large settlement.

An individual who fears making an appointment with a personal injury attorney because of monetary difficulties can put aside those apprehensions. The only money a personal injury client is ever going to pay will come right out of the settlement amount, whether the settlement occurs in or out of court. Consequently, anyone who is the victim of negligence should consider the option of making an initial appointment with a personal injury attorney. This allows personal injury lawyers to receive the cases of potential clients that they can win, from those who would not have come forward otherwise.  Although this pay scheme may seem daunting, it will benefit anyone getting into a personal injury law career in the long run.


Joe Schwartz has worked in the legal field for years and knows how important it is to offer free consultations to new clients. Good personal injury lawyers also know not to charge for cases not won in order to form a loyal client base. These are all important factors to consider when getting into the legal field.


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