When most North Carolina residents think of FBI agents, they think of them as earning salaries that are absolutely through the roof each year. After all, they do very dangerous, very confidential, very demanding, very complex, and very important work, so it would stand to reason that they would make lots of money.

Well, the truth is that it depends. Some FBI agents in the state make salaries that are just slightly above average, while others truly are making those salaries most people think of when they think of FBI agents.

On average, FBI agents can make a salary of anywhere from $40,043 per year to $133,309 per year. Obviously, that is quite a large disparity among salaries, and if you are thinking of becoming an FBI agent yourself, you are likely wondering what you can do to ensure you earn on the higher end of that salary spectrum.

The good news is that there are most certainly things that you can do to increase the likelihood of earning the big bucks that you truly deserve for all of your hard work. As with most careers, one of the ways to make more money is through higher education.

As you probably already know, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to be even considered for admission to the FBI. Unfortunately, for many people, this means that they do the bare minimum, get their bachelor’s degree, and then apply for and hopefully start working as FBI agents.

The only problem with shooting for the minimum education is that you are undoubtedly going to get the minimum pay. By opting for a master’s degree after you earn that bachelor’s or by getting your master’s and then going for a PhD, you can see a huge rise in salary.

You might also take a look at what your degree is in. Chances are if you aren’t happy with your salary and your degree isn’t closely related to the actual job that you do, your academic area of expertise could be to blame. Certain “core” areas are deemed more useful and necessary by the FBI, and having an academic background in these areas tends to be rewarded by a boost in salary.

If it isn’t too late, switching your degree program or going back to school for a more relevant degree could cause you to start earning more money.

Don’t forget either the importance of experience. Two years of work experience is a requirement for FBI employment, and chances are, the more related your experience is to the job you want to do, the more money you can expect to make.

Also, keep in mind that sticking with your job as an agent and even to your specific job title also counts as experience, and if you can stick with it, you can start to see a rise to your salary. Don’t forget, either, to be the best worker possible.