If you are interested in pursuing a career as a court reporter in the state of Oregon, you likely have a lot of questions about the job, the nature of the work, and most importantly, what salary you can expect to make as a court reporter.

While we can and will give you an average salary earned by these professionals in the state, it is important to note that, while lucrative, you should not go into this line of work just for the money itself. Being a court reporter is a challenging, demanding job that requires extensive training and that is, quite frankly, not for everyone.

Therefore, you should only go out for these positions if you are committed to hard work and to the field itself. The money is just an added benefit.

With that said, the average salary for court reporters in the state is approximately $50,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The middle percentage of professionals in the field earned salaries as low as $35,390 per year and as high as $67,430 per year.

The lowest recorded salary for a court reporter recorded is $25,360 annually, and the highest salary is $83,500 per year. Obviously, as you can see, there is a huge disparity in salaries among professionals in the field. You will, of course, want to do your best to be on the higher end of this scale, and there are, fortunately, things that you can do to make this more likely.

First and foremost, the more education you have and the higher level that education, the more likely it is that you will be one of the higher earners in the field. Therefore, you should make every effort possible to get the highest educational level necessary for someone in your line of work.

If you have only completed training, for example, you should aim for an associate’s degree. If you have an associate’s degree, your next step from there would be a bachelor’s. And a bachelor’s degree can lead to a master’s degree, and a master’s degree to a PhD. So, don’t skimp on education; it can only do you good!

Even if you have the highest level education possible, you can still continue your education with specialized certification or training programs or just with continuing education courses, all of which make you more valuable to your workplace and which, in many cases, are paid for, all or in part, by your employer.

Also, when pursuing more education, consider the quality of your school, as this can have a big impact on salary as well. The highest paid professionals in the field tend to have educations from schools and/or programs that have been certified and approved by the National Court Reporters Association.

Even if you cannot make this a possibility for you, you should at least attend a school that is fully accredited and that has a good reputation in the industry

You might also consider what exactly you do in the field, as this can have a huge impact on salary. Generally the highest paid professionals are court reporters who choose to work in local governmental systems. In addition to higher than average salaries, these professionals also tend to enjoy excellent benefits packages.

On the lower end of the salary spectrum, however, are those who choose to work for business support services. So, if you are in one of the lower paying areas of the field, it might be wise to consider looking for a new line of work.

No matter what, the best thing you can do, ultimately, to increase your salary is to be good at your job. Do your work well, always be attentive, ask questions and show a desire to learn and always improve yourself and your work. Doing so will make you invaluable to your employer, and will make you a top choice when promotion time rolls around.

And, with promotions, come raises in your pay. While all of the things on our list can help you to make more money, none of them will be nearly as effective as being the best worker you can be.