If you live in the state of Wyoming and are interested in pursuing a career in homeland security, know that your first and most important step is to get an education in the field. When we say education, by the way, we mean a formal, college education that results in a degree.

For such an education, you will need to choose a specific major, ideally one that is very closely related to the exact job that you would ultimately like to have in the field. This major doesn’t need to be in homeland security necessarily, but it does need to have a real, obvious purpose.

The good news for you is that no matter what major you choose, what degree level, or even what career goals you have in mind, there are tons of excellent choices in the state. This means no worrying about paying ridiculous out of state tuition costs, about making long commutes, or about dealing with the risky world of online schooling, unless of course, you choose to do so.

There are so many awesome colleges in the state, in fact, that your biggest problem probably won’t be whether or not you find the right school but choosing from among so many excellent choices.

One of our top picks in the state is Casper College, appropriately named for its location. This school is home to several associate’s degree programs, including programs in criminal justice, corrections, criminal justice policing, and forensic science.

Then there’s Central Wyoming College, based out of Riverton, which offers associate’s degree programs in general criminal justice, homeland security specifically, and rural justice training. You might also select Eastern Wyoming College, in Torrington, with its associates degree programs in general criminal justice, corrections, and law enforcement.

There’s also Laramie County Community College of Cheyenne, offering associate’s degree programs in legal assisting, general criminal justice, criminal justice with a focus on corrections, criminal justice with a focus on law enforcement, criminal justice with a pre-law concentration, and homeland security. This impressive college also offers a certification program in homeland security. Don’t forget the University of Wyoming at Laramie or Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs either.

These two schools each offer their own unique associate’s degree programs in criminal justice.

And, we saved the best for last with the University of Phoenix, located in Cheyenne. The thing that makes this school so very great is its sheer amount of excellent programs and the fact that some degree programs are offered online.

Choices include an associate’s degree program in criminal justice, as well as bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice administration, criminal justice administration and management, organizational security management, and administration of justice and security.

Of course, the choices we have presented here in no way represent all of the choices you have in the state. There are many other excellent schools and programs that may be a good fit for you and your career goals. Plus, as briefly touched on above, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can venture into the world of online schooling.