If you are interested in possibly pursuing a career in homeland security, you should know that there are many opportunities available to you. However, you must be willing and able to successfully fulfill all the educational and personal requirements necessary for a job in homeland security. These will vary from position to position, so the first and most important thing you can do is to decide what type of career you are most interested in pursuing.

Some of the most popular options for careers in homeland security, according to the federal Department of Homeland Security’s website, include mission support careers, law enforcement careers, immigration and travel security careers, and prevention and response careers. Mission support careers are vastly varied, but most workers will have some type of educational background or experience in a medical, human resources, science and technology, or civil rights field.

Popular career options include working for the Office of the Secretary, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, the Military Advisor’s Office, the National Cyber security Center, the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, the Office of Health Affairs, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, or the Office of Legislative Affairs. These, however, are just a few of the opportunities available in mission support.

Law enforcement careers can be entered into through experience or through educational training, but usually through some combination of both. Generally, workers in this field will work in one of the following areas: US Customs and Border Protection, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Secret Service, Federal Protective Service, or Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. All careers in homeland security will require intensive background checking, as well as physical and psychological testing, but these tend to be most stringent when dealing in homeland security law enforcement.

Immigration and travel security careers are some of the most lucrative within the homeland security field. People working in this area usually come to it through a wide variety of different educational and professional pursuits. Most will end up working in transportation security admission or in US citizenship and immigration services, though there are many other career opportunities available to qualified individuals.

Last but not least, some professionals will choose to work in prevention and response careers. This field is often entered into after service in the military or as a precursor to military service. However, this is not a necessity, and people come to this line of work with a wide variety of different backgrounds. Some may choose to serve on the US Coast Guard, while others will work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Once you have selected a career that is of interest to you, it is up to you to research all of the qualifications for working in that field. With a little hard work and dedication, it is very easy to have the job of your dreams. If, however, you are looking for a “quick job,” then you will want to look elsewhere. Careers in homeland security are important and lucrative and are reserved for those who are passionate, intelligent, and driven.