If you’re considering pursuing a criminology degree in the beautiful state of Hawaii, then congratulations! You should know that you are embarking upon a very lucrative and rewarding career path, one that has remained relatively stable even in these very difficult and troubled economic times.

Excellent pay and excellent job security are marks of the trade, but they don’t come without work. As you likely already know, becoming a criminologist requires schooling and a lot of determination and effort on your part. In addition to those things, you’ll also need to have a little bit of insider knowledge in order to increase your chances of success, insider knowledge that we’re going to provide to you free of charge right here:

1. Get Only the Education You Need: Did you know that being overqualified for the job that you wish to have can actually be a downside in any profession, but particularly in the criminology field? In criminology there are many different jobs, and as such, many different requirements for working in various aspects of the field.

It’s in your best interest to complete a program of study that is focused on and geared toward the exact job that you wish to have within the field. This shows your potential employer that the job you are applying for is what you’ve always wanted to do, not one that you’re merely settling for. So, don’t feel the need to go overboard with your education. Instead, tailor it to the job that you want!

2. Online Schools are Okay: A lot of people that enter into the criminology field do so later in life. Often times, older students or even traditional age students, depending upon their circumstances, simply can’t meet the demands of a traditional college or university program. When this is the case, online schooling is often the best option.

After all, it is completed on your time, making it easy to balance work or family responsibilities with an education. Unfortunately, however, online schools often get a bad reputation and people look down their noses at them. The truth is, though, that there are a lot of wonderful online schools out there, both Hawaii based and across the country, that can equip you for a successful career in the field.

Of course, there are some bad ones out there too, which is why it’s up to you, should you decide to pursue an online education, to make sure yours is legitimate and accredited.

3. Internships Equal Success: Far too often, recent graduates or current students will make the tragic mistake of turning down an internship. They feel that they are in a hurry to start real work in the field.

What they don’t know, however, is that real work is much easier to come by with experience on a resume, experience that can easily be gotten by choosing to take on an internship. What’s more is that internships allow you to forge important connections in the field as well.