If you live in New York and are interested in pursuing a career in homeland security, you should know that the first step toward reaching your career goals is to get formal educational training in the field.

You will need to receive a degree, but this degree does not have to necessarily be in homeland security specifically.

While such a degree is definitely useful, many professionals currently working in the field chose to major in related areas, specifically in areas that relate directly to their careers.

This is a wise course of action but, of course, in order to embark upon it, you have to know what your intended career is.

Determining the job you wish to have in the field doesn’t prove too difficult for most people.

After all, you can set a career goal just by devoting a few hours to studying the field itself and the many different (hundreds!) of career options that exist within it.

Just make sure that you make your decisions based on facts and that you are honest with yourself about what you are willing and able to do to reach certain career goals.

When you do have your career goal set, planning your education will become a cinch. If you have truly done your research, you will already know what level of degree you need to try for, and should have a general idea of what your major will need to be in order to ensure success.

The only hard part will come when it is time to pick a school, since New York is home to so many fine educational choices.

That, however, is a decision that only you can make, and is really just a matter of deciding which one is best suited to you.

One popular option in the state is Adelphi University, which is located in Garden City and offers a bachelor’s degree program in general criminal justice.

There’s also Alfred University, offering the same program, and the ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology, which has an associate’s degree program in criminal justice.

Berkeley College, in New York City, offers the same degree, though it can be earned either online or traditionally.

The school has also associate’s degree programs in justice studies. Briarcliff College, in Bethpage, is another school with criminal justice programs, both at the associate’s degree level and the bachelor’s degree level.

Other schools in the state are known for offering a ton of different degree options, all of them closely related to the homeland security field. One such school is Bryant & Stratton College, which has locations in Albany, Amherst, Buffalo, Liverpool, Orchard Park, Rochester, and Syracuse.

This school is proud to offer associate’s degrees in criminal justice (both online and traditional), security technology, and applied science with an emphasis on ITT security.

Another school with many different options to choose from is CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in New York City. This school has bachelor’s degree programs in general criminal justice, criminology, deviant behavior and social control, forensic psychology, international criminal justice, judicial studies, public administration, corrections, forensic science, and security management.

It also offers a certification program in public management, as well as master’s degree programs in general criminal justice, forensic mental health, forensic psychology, international crime and justice, inspector general track, public administration, forensic computing, general forensic science, and protection management.

That vast array of options is what makes this school the most commonly attended one by prospective homeland security professionals in the state. However, it and the other choices here represent just a small sampling of the many opportunities available.