As an Ohio resident interested in becoming a court reporter, then you probably already know that an education is the best way to have success in the field. However, you, of course, won’t want to settle for just any old education. If you want to get the best positions in the industry, to earn the highest salaries, and most importantly of all, to be fully capable of doing your job and doing it well, then you need to get the best education possible.

The only way to make this happen is to devote some real time and effort to your education, both during the selection process and while you are in school.

Keep in mind that the best education is, above all, simply the one that is right for you and for your career goals. Obviously, then, it is important for you to have a good idea of exactly what your career goals are before you start pursuing your education or even looking at schools.

Contrary to popular belief, not all court reporters do the same things; there are a wide variety of different jobs within the field. So, take the time to research the field and the various jobs available and to find the one that is the most suited to you.

Once you have pinpointed a job for which you think you would be a good fit, it is time to get serious about researching and reading up on the qualifications and requirements necessary for doing that job. These might include achieving a certain level of education, completing training, and/or possibly being certified.

Make sure that you are realistic about whether or not you will be able to meet these qualifications. If you are financially, educationally, and emotionally prepared to meet the requirements, then you have probably found the right job for you!

When you have a job in mind, it becomes very easy to tailor your educational path to meet the demands of that specific job. Your choices of schools will also be narrowed down somewhat, since you will only be considering those schools that offer a course of study that is relevant to your prospective career.

You can further narrow down your choices by making sure you are only considering schools that are fully accredited. Getting an education from an unaccredited school will not do you a bit of good. These institutions are not capable of granting actual degrees, and thus anything you earn from them is essentially worthless in the real world.

This is something you have to be especially careful of if you are considering getting your education online. While there are plenty of good, legitimate, accredited online schools out there, there are, unfortunately, also a lot of scams floating around.

You can avoid falling into the trap of a scam school by carefully researching the institution before you enroll. A good institution will, in addition to being accredited, be forthright about its history and current status and will always be easy to get in contact with.

In addition to being sure to choose an accredited school, you might also think about selecting a school that has been certified by the National Court Reporters Association. While this is certainly not a necessity, it is definitely a mark of approval on your program and will speak highly of your skills and abilities when you begin looking for a job in the field.

In the state of Ohio, there is actually a very high number of certified schools, much higher than in most other states. In fact, some states do not even have certified schools at all, so you should consider yourself very fortunate.

Certified choices in the state include the Academy of Court Reporting and Technology, located in Cleveland; Miami Jacobs Career College in Columbus; Clark State Community College of Springfield; Cuyahoga Community College at Parma; Miami Jacobs Career College, at its second location in Canton; and Stautzenberger College, which is located in Brecksville and which also has a second location in Maumee.

Any of these choices are excellent ones for serious court reporting students, but there are also many other fine schools located throughout the state.