Nevada residents who are interested in pursuing careers as agents with the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) will be glad to know that there are many wonderful educational opportunities throughout the state.

Prospective FBI agents are required to possess at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in one of the fields that is in high demand in the FBI, in order to even be eligible to apply.

Common major areas include finance and/or accounting, criminal justice, criminology, law enforcement, foreign languages, linguistics, computer information systems, computer networking, other computer related degrees, and more. Obviously then, you have a lot of “wiggle room” to determine what major is right for you.

Of course, not everyone is ready to just jump right in there and earn a bachelor’s degree. If you’d like to take a more tentative step at starting your education, you might consider earning an associate’s degree first. Associate’s degree programs generally take, on average, only about two years to complete, compared to the average of four years for most bachelor’s degree programs.

Plus, since these degrees are generally earned from community colleges or trade or technical schools, they tend to be more affordable. The programs are also usually geared toward professionals or those balancing other demands with their education. As long as your school is accredited, you should have no problem transferring the credits earned to a bachelor’s degree program at a later time.

One common option for those interested in earning an associate’s degree is the College of Southern Nevada, located in Las Vegas, and offering a wide variety of related majors. These include associate’s degree programs in criminal justice with a focus on corrections, and criminal justice with a focus on law enforcement, as well as general criminal justice.

A basic associate’s degree in criminal justice can also be earned from Everest College in Henderson, or you might opt for an associate’s degree in law enforcement, corrections, or human services from Great Basin College in Elko. Henderson’s ITT Technical Institute also has a good, basic associate’s degree program in criminal justice, as does Kaplan College in Las Vegas.

There’s also Truckee Meadows Community College, in Reno, which offers criminal justice degrees with a wide variety of focuses, and the University of Phoenix, which has locations in Henderson, Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base, and Reno, and offers many of its programs online.

For those who are ready to take the plunge and aim for their bachelor’s degree, there are even more great choices all throughout the state. Many current and past FBI agents have attended Nevada schools like Nevada State College, in Henderson, which offers bachelor’s degree programs in both criminal justice and law enforcement.

Another popular choice for prospective agents is the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, with bachelor’s and even master’s degree programs in criminal justice. The most important thing is that you pick a school that works for you, that is accredited, and that offers you an excellent educational experience.