If you are thinking of becoming a paralegal and you live in the state of Wisconsin, then you are in an excellent place. We say this because the state is home to many wonderful, fully accredited, and American Board Association approved colleges and universities offering programs in paralegal studies and closely related areas.

While many other states offer only one or two educational choices, and some even offer none at all, you will have your pick from among some of the top schools in the state. Once you have your education, then there is no turning back—you will be ready for a long and lucrative career in this exciting field.

One option you have is Chippewa Valley Technical College, which is located in Eau Claire. As a technical college, Chippewa Valley is an extremely affordable option, costing far less than even the average public school. It offers a very reputable associate’s degree program, which most people will complete in around two years on average.

Past graduates of the school have been very successful, and have reportedly enjoyed careers as paralegals working in health law, immigration law, advertising and marketing law, sports and entertainment law, patent, copyright, and trademark law, environmental law, family law, insurance law, financial law, real estate law, and many other areas.

You then have Lakeshore Technical College, based in Cleveland, which is another very cost-friendly option. Lakeshore Technical College offers an accelerated associate’s degree program, which can be completed in only a year with summer school courses.

Furthermore, classes may be completed in person in the traditional sense, online, or through a combination of both, making this school a perfect option for anyone who is working to balance their education with other demands upon their time and attention.

Another good choice is Madison Area Technical College, which is, again, very cost efficient. This particular school has an excellent associate’s degree program. However, the program is very hands-on, as opposed to being lecture based, and focuses heavily on developing necessary career skills. All students learn how to practice legal research, legal writing, civil litigation, criminal litigation, legal document preparation, case file maintenance, and client interview protocol. If you prefer a less hands-on environment, then you might want to look elsewhere than this particular school. However, for those who like to learn as they go, this is an excellent choice.

Yet another good one is the Milwaukee Area Technical College. One of this school’s major positives is the fact that it is based in such a large and powerful city. Milwaukee is home to many professionals, offering lots of internship and other experiential learning opportunities for students. Furthermore, the school is well known for its quality in the area, so graduates of the program usually do not have a difficult time finding work in the field. If you plan to stay in the Milwaukee area as you pursue your career, this college is an especially good option for you to choose.

Don’t forget about Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, which is based in Green Bay, either. This school is proud to offer an excellent certification program, which can be completed in anywhere from six months to a year. It is important to note that the certification program is only open to those students who currently hold bachelor’s degrees in an unrelated area or in a related area from an unapproved school. The reason for this is that certification programs are designed to help those students who have decided to become paralegals after pursuing another educational area and who do not want to enter into a whole new degree program, or who have gotten an education but not from a school with the proper American Board Association standing.

Finally, there is Western Wisconsin Technical College of Lacrosse as well. This small but very reputable school offers a certification program as well. If, for some reason, you don’t find what you are looking for through any of these institutions, know that you can always choose to earn your degree online, a practice that is becoming more and more common in today’s increasingly technological world. If you go this route, though, be extra careful to choose a legitimate school.