If you have ever dreamed of working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more commonly known as the FBI, you should know that, in today’s world, that dream can become a reality. There are many different jobs in the FBI and, contrary to popular belief, they are open to anyone who meets the necessary criteria and who has the fortitude to pursue an educational path that will lead to a well paid and exciting career in the FBI.

The FBI’s website is a great place to begin finding out about some of the top careers within the organization. Currently, two of the most popular include linguist and special agent. Both of these careers are currently accepting applications from qualified individuals, so if you feel that a particular career path is right for you, you should apply now or begin taking the steps that will make you eligible for FBI employment.

According to the FBI’s website, an FBI linguist may be responsible for translating, transcribing, reporting, or analyzing evidence and other materials used to strengthen and further national security. If you have studied and are proficient in a relevant foreign language, as well as in English, this could be the job for you. Applicants will be required to complete testing designed to assess proficiency within a particular language.

Furthermore, applicants must also pass a very in depth FBI background screening process. This process will require you to have no outstanding debt and to be both mentally stable and free of a criminal history. If you meet all of the requirements and successfully pass all testing, you may have the opportunity to be employed as a contract linguist, a contract language monitor, a contract tester, or a special agent linguist.

FBI special agents are some of the most important people within the FBI. They hold the careers that you have likely seen on television and in movies, but they are also real people, just like you. FBI special agents conduct national security investigations and work to combat many areas of crime. These can include, but are not limited to, terrorism, counterintelligence, cyber crime, the violation of basic civil rights, bank robberies, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and public corruption.

Just as with the linguist position, you will be required to submit to an extensive background check. Additionally, you should also be a US citizen between the ages of 23 and 37 and have an undergraduate degree, preferably in a related field, and at least three years of work experience. Agents will enter the field in one of the following areas: Accounting, Computer Science, Information Technology, Language, Law, or Diversified, so it is usually best if your educational or work background is related to one of these areas. You must also pass a physical test which will assess your vision, hearing, and general health, so you will want to be sure that you are in the best shape possible before applying.