Having enough options for a criminologist education will not be an issue for a student in the state of Wisconsin. With a large number of colleges and universities that have criminology and criminal justice programs, Wisconsin has become a hotbed or criminology activity and studies.

In addition to standard programs, the institutions of higher learning in Wisconsin have generated new programs that highlight the changing needs of the criminologist profession.

Whether a person prefers to work in the academic or research side of criminology or rather they would like field work where they can use their abilities in direct service of the local community, there are plenty of Wisconsin school options where students may be able to gain the knowledge necessary to fill these job functions.

One of the top criminologist training grounds for graduate students in the state is found at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Their approach towards the study of criminology is different from other colleges and universities in that the majority of a person’s studies and experience at the school will be concentrated in learning how to use the relevant knowledge in common working environments.

The Deviance, Law, and Social Control Program is where criminology students may gain a combination of academic knowledge as well as valuable instruction on the most efficient methods for research. The knowledge centers around using a background in sociology to inform a complete understanding of law and deviance in modern society.

Every two weeks, students are encouraged to attend a training colloquium where other graduate students from a variety of disciplines meet and discuss and critique research work that applies to the field of criminology.

This interdisciplinary exchange of ideas can help to expand the limits of a student’s knowledge and gain a more solid educational footing before entering an employment situation.

Students that have not yet reached the graduate level of their studies yet may wish to turn to the criminology and law studies major that are offered by Marquette University in Wisconsin. The goal of this program is to get past the fascination that students have with crime and criminal activities and approach the subject from a new empirical perspective where criminal motivations can be correctly understood.

In addition, the school aims to teach students the correct way to find solutions that will accurately address not only the criminal problems in society but also the societal constructs that deliver this kind of behavior. Like many other criminology programs around the country, Marquette University offers students the chance to work in an internship setting with law enforcement organizations, research bureaus, correctional facilities, and court offices.

To aid in the education of the students, the criminology and law society regularly invites professional criminologists to the school to give lectures and discuss important issues. A person that is planning on trying to work with victims of crime as their employment of choice can combine the criminology and law studies major with a concentration in victim services for added experience.

A student that is looking for a criminology program that deals more with the legal aspect of the field may wish to check out Lakeland College. This school has a criminal justice program that concentrates on the legal and court systems in the United States that are involved in criminal trials and legislation.

Students may learn how to understand the structure and function of the justice system and how it has evolved over American history. While the focus at Lakeland College is more on the practical side of criminology that plays a large part in criminologist positions within government agencies, the school also tries to build the social research skills of students through classes that teach statistical and quantitative data analysis.

Students at Lakeland College are encouraged to think critically about the United States justice system and try to identify ways in which it might be improved.

With so many options in the state of Wisconsin, the search for an acceptable criminology training program should be relatively easy. At the same time, students should explore all of their potential options before selecting the school that they will attend. By talking to professors and gaining firsthand knowledge of the university programs, an informed decision can be made.