Although the state of New Hampshire is surely not the state most commonly associated with crime research and academics, there is a public university that offers one of the most complete educations for criminology students. A person that is looking for the right education in New Hampshire to start a career in criminology may wish to check out the University of New Hampshire located in the city of Durham.

While other colleges and universities in New Hampshire offer degrees in Criminal Justice, UNH is the only one that has a specialized degree with the idea of criminology in mind. In addition, the school also has a master’s degree that is held in high esteem by academic criminology experts.

Listed as an undergraduate degree in Justice Studies, the program at the University of New Hampshire is considered to be an interdisciplinary degree. This means that topics are melded from many different courses of study, including sociology, philosophy, social sciences, women’s studies, and psychology.

The idea is to give students a more complete education that includes a deeper understand of criminal motivations and the historical contexts behind criminal action. Whether the student chooses to go into the field of criminal justice and law enforcement or whether they prefer to work in a laboratory or academic environment, this well rounded approach to criminology education may serve them well.

At the University of New Hampshire, the Justice Studies program is meant to be used as one half of a dual major degree. Many students find that using the program in addition to psychology or sociology can prepare them for later graduate studies or their first careers in the criminology field.

On the other hand, many law students opt to take the Justice Studies program as a dual major or use the courses as a minor part of their degree. The specific credit hour requirements for both the major and minor objective of the Justice Studies degree can be found listed at the website for UNH.

For full criminology training, students that have already completed their undergraduate education may wish to take a look at the masters program in Justice Studies that is offered by the University of New Hampshire. This criminology master’s degree is intended to teach an in depth level of understanding about law, crime, and justice.

In addition to legal theories and ideas, courses at the masters level will also address the societal situations that often lead to criminal behavior. There are also assistantship options available for students that would like to learn not only the academic side of criminology but also the practical side as well.

To complete the master’s degree of Justice Studies at the University of New Hampshire, a student will have the option of choosing to either write a thesis or to complete a project. The thesis option is usually done as a body of writing that builds on the current understanding of criminology.

This can be done through an experiment to prove a certain hypothesis or as a research writing project. For students that are following the thesis option, a thesis committee must be formed that will be responsible for deciding whether the thesis shows enough knowledge and understanding of criminology to grant the degree.

The other choice that masters students have is to complete a project, usually done in conjunction with an internship. Unlike the thesis, the project will have a practical application for either the university of the organization that is hosting the intern.

Projects are usually made up of four components: the introduction, literature review, actual project, and the final results. These efforts are examined by a committee that will decide if the work of the student warrants the masters degree.