Discovering a good college or university in the state of Nebraska with a competent degree program in criminology is not so difficult. There are many ways to approach the search and conduct follow up research to decide which Nebraska school may make the best fit for a potential student. A simple online search of criminology programs in the state will return several hits, with the most well respected course of study being found at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

This university has a separate school of criminology and offers a number of degrees that can be attained. At the basic level, an undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, otherwise known as UNO, can be followed both in a traditional classroom setting or as a distance learning program over the Internet.

In addition, there are Masters level courses that are also available live and through distance learning. Along with UNO, there are several other schools, including Bellevue University, that offer classes in criminology studies.

After identifying which of the schools in the state of Nebraska have criminology programs, the next step is to do more research about their degree programs. Most schools in the state that have a focused criminology degree are accredited and may be recognized anywhere in the United States, but students should always verify the accreditation before entering into a program of study.

Important factors to consider when looking at the data of the schools could include class size, admission requirements, and the estimated cost of tuition and board for each year of study. A person that would like a more personal education should steer towards the universities and colleges that offer a lower class size.

In addition, if cost of the education is a concern, the potential student will need to find the ones that are in their specified budget range.

When a list of the colleges and universities has been made with the student’s preferences and limitations in mind, it is now time to make actual visits to the campus of each school. While this may seem like an unnecessary step, a student should feel comfortable at their new place of learning and understand both how the academic structure and daily life works from firsthand experience.

Each of the universities and colleges in Nebraska with a criminology program should have full tours available to prospective students. These tours should include not only a basic orientation of the campus, but also provide a general understanding of how the school works and meetings with professors in the criminology department.

Speaking to the actual professors may give a prospective student more of an idea of what they can expect from their education.

A potential student that is planning on living on campus may need to pay careful attention to the living arrangements in the dormitories and other housing facilities to make sure that they are acceptable for the person’s own standards. In addition, students with dietary restrictions or other physical needs may need to make sure that accommodation can be provided by the school.

On the other hand, if the student is planning to complete their education through distance learning, the primary focus should be the academics of the school and little attention will need to be paid to the dorm life. After completing a full inspection of all the colleges and universities that are on the student’s list, it should be reasonably clear which school would be the best on a personal basis.

Applications should be submitted not only to the top choice but also to a few secondary schools in the event that the student is not accepted to their Nebraska university of choice.