Working in the field of law enforcement can be challenging for some especially when you are going through the process of training to get your criminology degree, though getting a degree in criminology can certainly give the person that is determined to work in law enforcement a better chance at landing their dream job.

So you want to work in law enforcement in Kentucky but you don’t know what you want to do. When a person goes to school for criminology one can quickly realize that there are many different careers in the field of law enforcement that if you do not have your heart set on a specific career path then it can be hard to choose what career path may be right for you.

One thing that you can do to safeguard yourself against making the wrong decision on what career path to go into is research what career paths you may be interested in and then write down what the pros and cons of a specific career path may be in your opinion.

Your pros and cons list can include course work that you are unwilling or want to take as well as salary options but one thing to keep in mind when it comes to salary of a job is that there is usually a proportional amount of training that comes with any high salary especially in the field of law enforcement.

Many people often have their minds set on becoming a crime scene investigator or working for the FBI when they pursue a degree in criminology but it is important to realize that these sorts of position often require many years of training and experience past the bachelor’s degree level and one must be willing to put in the work to accomplish this goal.

In the case of becoming a CSI you should keep in mind that a focus on forensic science in addition to criminology is often required. In addition to becoming a CSI or an FBI agent with a degree in criminology there are many other options open to a graduate in Kentucky such as with research and Teaching, police force as well as community initiative jobs.

At times these jobs can be just as hands on as becoming a CSI agent or an FBI agent and can even give you the experience that you need to succeed in the higher stages of the criminal justice system. In regards to teaching or research in criminology you may need a PhD to do this in many areas but the experience can be very rewarding and meaningful as well.

In addition to this becoming a police officer can offer a person the hands on experience that they desire with a job with the FBI and can even lead to a job with the FBI in some cases.

To add to this, taking the Community Initiatives approach could be ideal for those who do not want to be subjected to the hands on labor of law enforcement or also those who do not want to be in a classroom environment. This type of position is focused on analyzing criminal behavior.