After finishing a criminology degree in the state of Oklahoma, many students begin to look for employment positions within the state. For a student to make the transition to the professional world after completing a university program in criminology, they may need to have acquired certain skills that will be useful on the job.

The skill sets needed vary from one individual criminologist position to another, but there are some common traits that make for a good criminologist despite the specific job that the person holds.

These traits and skills should be identified early so that they can be honed while the person is still in the learning phase of their education and preparing for the working environment where the skills can be put to good use.

For criminologist careers in Oklahoma, the one trait or skill that stands out as being the most important is a strong attention to detail. As a criminologist is often looking at large amounts of data, it is necessary to be able to focus on details to draw conclusions.

For criminologists that are employed in law enforcement and police investigation, this skill is extremely important. Many cases deal with incomplete information sets and the job of the criminologist is to connect the dots and find the missing links in a series of events or situation.

In fact, the forensic criminology field deals exclusively with this small level of detail, focusing on every aspect of physical evidence that is present in a crime and using it to link possible suspects and determine both the motive for the crime as well as the person responsible.

With many of the different setting where a criminologist may be employed, the ability to use a macro lens to look at evidence can be very important. Other criminology careers that require a high degree of detailed observation is insurance and financial forensic accounting, a medical examiner position, or even a college or university level professor that will need to pay close attention to evaluate the work of students.

In addition to being able to focus on small details, another good quality for a criminologist in Oklahoma to have is being able to solve problems. The nature of criminology positions is that they often require non-standard approaches to issues and problems.

An example would again be the case of a forensic criminologist where every case has a different location and a different set of obstacles that must be conquered. To meet the demands that are found within this type of job, the criminologist must be able to think outside the box and come up with innovative strategies that allow the job to be completed in an effective and efficient manner.

The same can be said of professors that teach classes at Oklahoma colleges and universities. The standard education and theoretical data that informs criminology theories can be a dry subject when viewed without first hand examples.

Thus, a criminology professor will need to be able to present the material in a way that grabs the attention of students and helps to explain difficult theories with real world examples.

Another attribute that is worth its weight in gold in criminology professions is the ability to be patient. Because many of the tasks are tedious or repetitive and can require a large amount of time to be completed, being patient will ensure that the job is done correctly and the results have a high level of quality. An example of this would be a criminologist who works as a forensic accountant.

Examining large amounts of bank and financial records can be taxing, but using the same patient process of checking documents and reviewing figures will make it easier to spot issues when they are present. A person that is not able to stay patient and methodically work through the data will often miss certain clues of possible fraud that might exist in the paperwork because they are in a hurry to finish the job.

In these cases, the old adage of the tortoise and the hare is certainly applicable in the criminology field. Going slow and steady will return the best results over the long run and provide a more capable employment situation.